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When trying to lose weight around your midsection it is essential to follow a strict abs workout and diet routine.

Those tummy muscles don’t get worked enough in the modern day person’s daily life. Most of us don’t do the hard physical labor like farming or cutting wood that our ancestors did.

We don’t even walk as much as people did in our grandparents’ day. We sit at our desks, ride in our cars, and plop on the couch to watch TV.

If you want to lose fat and developed defined muscles in any part of your body, you must work them. The same goes for your stomach and abs.

Many exercises, although good for you and helpful to other parts of your body, don’t work the stomach and abs. Setting up a routine that specifically targets the transverse and obliques is the first step towards six pack abs.

Consistent effort is also necessary to train and define your stomach. Any benefit achieved by working at your routine is lost if you don’t work out the next week because you’re too busy, or on vacation.

Whatever schedule you set up for yourself—whether it’s every day or every other day—stick to it.

Abs exercises don’t take that long to work through, so make the workout a priority and do it every time. The twenty minutes or less that it takes out of your day to work your abs is certainly worth the while.

The abdominal muscles tend to be resistant to exercise, so it is important to continue your stomach workouts using the reps and sets you started with, or to increase them.

Cutting back, or cutting yourself some slack some days by not completing the workout is the same as the old saying “take one step forward and two steps back.” Sticking to the program is how to get a flat stomach.

Don’t forget that a strict diet, or food plan, is an important element of your goal. Ab routines work muscle, but they don’t burn as much fat as you might think. While you’re sticking to your routine and building those muscles, you must also reduce your belly fat.

For most people, reducing calories is a good first step. When we eat more than our bodies can use, the extra is stored as fat, often around the midsection.

Most people also need to make long-term changes to their eating habits. Lower the amount of fats and carbs you take in, and increase the amounts of lean protein and fiber.

It takes time to set a new habit. Committing yourself to a strict routine as well as changing your eating habits isn’t easy.

By making the effort and focusing on the new you that is emerging, a toned, tighter, healthier you, you can stay on course.

Burning fat, watching your food intake, and committing to your abs routine is how to get a flat stomach!

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