The Nominees For "The Best Exercise To Flatten Tummy While On Vacation" Awards

Many people want to flatten their tummies but find that when they attempt to begin a structured exercise routine, time constraints and other distractions hinder them from achieving this goal.

Additionally, many people do not have money to invest in exercise equipment or fitness center memberships.

Fortunately, both these problems have solutions that can easily be implemented by those who desire a flat stomach.

There are many exercises one can use to flatten his or her stomach without the need to buy expensive equipment or join a gym. However, one still needs to make sure that he or she finds the time to maintain a consistent exercise routine.

It is for this reason that many individuals choose to begin an exercise regimen while on vacation.

The best exercise to flatten tummy is an exercise that is done consistently, and when one is away from home, and the many distractions of everyday life, he or she can establish a routine.

The Plank

best exercise to flatten tummy plankThe plank is one exercise that numerous experts agree is very effective when executed properly.

To begin this exercise, one must lie on the floor and then move into a position similar to that of a push-up with the body resting on elbows and toes.

This position should be held for thirty seconds to one minute. The entire body must be kept rigid throughout exercise, and it should be repeated three times.

The Standard Crunch

best exercise to flatten tummy standard crunchAnother best exercise to flatten tummy while on vacation nominee is the classic crunch. With this exercise, one must lie down with knees bent, taking care to keep his or her soles flat on the floor.

The hands should be placed near the head, however, it is important for one to avoid pulling on his or her neck.

The shoulders should then be lifted off the floor without lifting one’s feet.

If done correctly, this exercise should result in a burning tension in the stomach which indicates it is working effectively.

The Side Crunch

best exercise to flatten tummy side crunchThe side crunch is also a best exercise to flatten tummy while on vacation nominee, as it is simple and easy to do, yet highly effective.

This stomach exercise targets one’s oblique muscles, which are practically impossible to overwork.

To do this exercise one must lie on the floor facing the ceiling, with both legs facing the same side.

Next, he or she must complete a crunch in the exact way that a traditional crunch is done, only from the side position.

This exercise should be repeated twenty times on each side.


best exercise to flatten stomach tummy tuckSimply focusing on one’s posture is a forgotten exercise that is an excellent way in which to maintain rock hard stomach muscles.

For this exercise, all one must do is breathe deeply and then expel all air out of his or her lungs.

Next, the individual must concentrate on bringing his or her belly-button in towards the spine.

The goal is to keep a high level of tension in the stomach muscles for at least ten seconds.

It is normal to feel some pain in the sides when doing this exercise, and it can be repeated as often as one chooses.

It is an excellent exercise to do on vacation, as everyone wants to look their best on the beach or in a fancy restaurant, making it easy to remember to “tuck-in.”

When these exercises are completed on a regular basis during one’s vacation, he or she will have established a routine that can be kept in place upon returning home, and thus continue toward the goal of acquiring flat abs.

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