3 Proven Diets for Weight Loss

Diets for weight loss that promise to help you lose fat quickly are quite suspect. They usually use dieting tricks that make you weigh in less, but often have no lasting effect. Overweight people can normally lose about a pound or two a week with a well-balanced diet program of healthy eating and exercise. Weight loss diets are also difficult to maintain if you have no will to stick with it and push through them.

Here are 3 diets for weight loss that will not just help you lose weight fast but will more importantly help you keep the weight off while staying fit and healthy.  These diet programs have withstood the test of time with a proven track record.

The South Beach Diet Weight Loss Diet

Diets For Weight Loss South Beach Diet The first on our list of weight loss diets is the South Beach Diet. This weight loss diet was created by  a cardiologist named Dr Arthur Agatston.  Dr Agatston is a well-known physician from the mount Sinai Medical Center & Miami Heart Institute in Miami Beach, Florida.  In 1995 he developed this diet plan for overweight patients suffering from heart  and diabetes problems.

This diet program features three phases. The first phase is a two-week introductory phase during which you eat a large amount of nutrient dense, high fiber foods to satisfy your appetite and eliminate your cravings for sugars and refined starches, while avoiding eating a large amount of carbohydrates such as rich, pasta, and bread.  This includes foods such as lean meats and high fiber vegetables.

Weight Loss Diets South Beach Dr AgatstonDuring this phase you will also be encouraged to eat a snack three times a day in between meals. These snacks include love fat cheese and spicy nut mix.

The second phase of the South Beach Diet reintroduces some of the foods that were avoided in the first phase mostly good carbohydrates. This phase of the weight loss diet also includes eating a healthy dessert with dinner, such as chocolate berry cups.

Lastly, the third and final phase of the diet focuses on maintaining healthy eating habits. This phase is all about making the right food choices, allowing you to maintain an ideal weight. People who have tried this weight loss diet achieve positive results without breaking a sweat!

Weight Watchers Weight Loss Diet

Diets For Weight Loss Weight WatchersWeight Watchers is one of the most popular diets for weight loss in North America. With the use of its PointPlus program, many nutritionists proclaim this as the best modern approach to weight loss. This points program takes into account the nutritional value of various foods along with the way your body processes these foods to determine the healthy foods for you to eat.

Weight Loss Diets Weight Watchers Points PlusWhat are some of the main benefits of the PointPlus Program? Here are a few of them:

1) The PointPlus Program will help you learn take control of portion size while feeling fuller for longer.

2) The PointPlus Program will help you keep track of how often you cheat and stray away from your diet.

3) The PointPlus Program will allow you to start eating the right foods from Day 1.

4) The PointPlus Program will help you learn how to pick out the right kinds of food for weight loss.

5) The PointPlus Program allows you to adapt to the program without much difficulty.

6) The PointPlus Program allows you to effortlessly avoid certain foods.

The main benefit of this diet is that it allows you to see eating healthy foods for weight loss in a completely different way.  This leads to what you call smart eating through smart choices!

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Diet

Diets For Weight Loss NutrisystemSitting in the no.3 position in this list of weight loss diets is the Nutrisystem Diet.

Nutrisystem is based on the science of the glycemic index, a way to help those who suffer from diabetes. The foods eaten in this diet are therefore low glycemic “good” carbohydrates, meaning they are low in sugar, and high proteins.  Examples include golden French toast and chicken quesadillas.

The Nutrisystem diet tries to keep your weight loss as simple as possible providing pre-defined 28 day weight loss diet plans with unqiue plans offered for women, men and diabetics. These meal plans include three meals a day with snacks in between. You can however customize your weight loss plan to suit your desires.

Weight Loss Diets Nutrisystem Meal PlanIn addition, these delicious weight loss foods are delivered to your door! This is one of the best features of the Nutrisystem diet. They also provide you with a meal planner to help you take control of portions and keep track of your weight loss.

An added bonus to the diet plan is the websites online chat with weight loss counselors for more information about the diet and other inquiries. The company also provides additional information about the proper exercise to take up.

So, which of these 3 popular and proven diets for weight loss is best for you? The South Beach Diet is all about eating a well-balanced meal with low carbohydrates and has helped many lose weight effective. The Weight Watchers focuses on losing weight and keeping weight off with their proven PointsPlus program.  The Nutrisystem Diet introduces packed, home delivered foods, which some will enjoy and others won’t. All of these diets have a common goal and that is planning the right meal plan to promote weight loss without harming your health.

There aren’t shortcuts when you take on a weight loss diet. It takes patience and lots of commitment to reach your goals. Some say that following a weight loss diet is a fad but whether you believe that or not, millions of people have tried it and are having positive results. There is no harm in trying a natural diet like these 3 that don’t place your health at risk. So, what are you waiting for try one of these three amazing weight loss diets and see a difference in your weight and your lifestyle.

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