"Exercise Ball For A Flat Stomach - 5 Amazing Exercises To Get Your Abs In Shape"

exercise ball for a flat stomach green exercise ball

Using an exercise ball for a flat stomach is a smart move. An exercise ball, not only do the abdominals engage you also work other muscles in order to keep the ball stable. Many people in good shape find an exercise ball abdominal workout to be a bit more intense.

Here are some of the best moves you can make on an exercise ball for a flat stomach . For each of these, you need to work to keep the ball stable. Before starting any of these moves, do warm up moves to get your muscles warmed up. It is better to do them slowly with control for the best effect.

Exercise 1. Ab Crunch

exercise ball for a flat stomach ab crunchDoing an ab crunch on an exercise ball involves more muscles than your normal ab crunches. The exercise ball isolates the movements to the abdominal area more than doing the same moves on the floor.

To do an ab crunch on an exercise ball, you lie on the ball and put the ball under the small of the back. After crossing arms over the chest, contract the abs and pull the ribs towards the hips. Release and go back. Keep the ball stable in the process.

Exercise 2. Inverted Leg Pull-ins

This exercise is an intense workout for the lower abdominal muscles. You need to get into a push-up position. Instead of your feet being on the floor, however, they are on the top of the exercise ball, with your hands on the floor.

Raise your rear end up and bring the abdominals into a crunch. The ball will come in towards the arms. Lower the body down and repeat.

Exercise 3. Bridge

exercise ball for a flat tummy bridge exerciseTo work both the upper and lower abdominals, this exercise takes you there. Lie down on the floor and place your feet on top of the ball. Pull your rear and hips up into a bridge position. Tighten the abdominals. While the hips are off the floor, pull the ball towards your buttocks with your feet.

Exercise 4. Side Crunches

exercise ball for a flat stomach side crunchesThese work the oblique abdominals. Anchor your feet by placing them against a wall. Lie down on the ball on your right side. Place your left leg in front of your right one. Cross your hands over your chest.

Do a crunch to the left side while lifting your right side off the ball. Hold for a second and release. Repeat. Then switch to the left side.

Exercise 5. Ab Roll

exercise ball for a flat belly ab roll

This exercise works on most of the abdominal muscles. Get down on your knees beside the ball. Put your hands on the ball and roll forward.

Roll the ball forward as far as you can without engaging the back. Push the hands into the ball and use the abdominals to pull the ball back into position.

These moves are advanced. It is better to start with a few before working up to higher numbers. That will help you get the most out of using an exercise ball for a flat stomach without risking injury. Get the stomach you want in the safest way possible.

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