Simple And Easy Weight Loss Workouts For Kids

Unfortunately, our children’s need for weight loss workouts for kids is rising. According to Web MD, 20% of U.S. Children can be classified as overweight or obese. This number is trending up.

One of the most important things for a parent to do is to encourage your child to exercise.

Be sure to remember that your child does not need a drill sergeant. Rather, your child needs an encouraging parent who is not judgmental.

Personality is important in choosing an activity. Your social butterfly may have more fun playing soccer than hoofing along for a few miles per day.

On the other hand, your introvert may view soccer as personal torture and would rather take a run on a hiking trail.

Above all, weight loss workouts for kids should be fun.

Remember, children learn from parent’s example, so the whole family should be involved in whatever activity you choose. Your child may even want to choose the activity. This is a good idea, within reason.

Here are some good activities to get your whole family moving.

Weight Loss Workouts For Kids YogaYoga

Yoga is a surprisingly good workout. Find two or three poses, and execute them.

Increase both the number of poses and the length of time you maintain the pose every week.

Team Sports

Weight Loss Exercises For Kids Team SportsSports like football, baseball, soccer, and volleyball have many benefits. They foster a team spirit, teach your children to work with others, and provide a very good workout.

If your child is suited to this kind of activity, sports are ideal.

Individual Sports

This includes sports like running, swimming, and gymnastics. These sports are physically demanding and can teach a child mental toughness, too.

Commercial Competitions

This is an offbeat way to fit a weight loss workout into your child’s day. Set up a competition when you are watching television at night.

During the commercials have an exercise contest. See who can do the most push ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, or any other exercise that you can think of.

You could also run races or have a mini-dance-a-thon.

Hitting The Trails

This is a great entire family activity. Find some good biking or hiking trails.

After you do, get out and experience nature as a family. While you are moving around, look at the scenery, and see if you can find certain plants or animals.

Weight Loss Exercise Program For Kids DanceDancing

This can be formalized by enrolling your child in dance lessons, but it doesn’t have to be formalized at all.

Turn on the radio while you are cleaning the house and dance around. Turn on the radio even when you aren’t cleaning the house.

Include this in your commercial competitions. Dancing is an excellent way to make movement fun.

Relay Races

This is another example of just having good, clean fun while exercising. Haul everyone into the front or back yard and run, crabwalk, hop, skip, slither, or somersault.

Think of rules for your race, and then have a good time.

There are a variety of exercises for a child to do by themselves and for a family to do together.

The most important thing to remember is that you should strive to make weight loss workouts for kids fun. In this way, you will be both building good family memories and exercising their little bodies.

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