"7 Amazing Yoga Exercises To Flatten Tummy Quickly"

In addition to yoga’s ability to gently exercise the body and reduce stress, it also increases muscle tone.

In many yoga moves, the abdominal muscles are strengthened and toned, which naturally leads to a flatter tummy.

Exercises to flatten tummy flab can be graduated; start with something gentle and not too strenuous. And then, as these exercises to flatten tummy roundness start to work and muscle tone improves, move up to something a bit more challenging.

Yoga Exercise 1. Half Moon Pose

exercises to flatten tummy half moon yoga poseStand with your back straight, your arms against your sides, your palms facing inward, and with both feet touching each other from heel to toe.

Bring your hands together into your chest. As you inhale, raise your arms straight up while you keep your hands lightly pressed together.

Now move your body backwards into an arch; your knees will remain straight; your arms will remain alongside your neck and head; your head will tilt backwards.

Hold this pose for three to five seconds, and then slowly release to the starting position.

Yoga Exercise 2. Triangle Pose

exercises to flatten tummy triangle yoga poseStand straight with your feet about three feet apart. Keep your right foot pointed forward, and turn your left foot outwards 90 degrees.

Extend both arms out straight at shoulder height. Now bend at your waist to your right, your chest still facing forward, and put your right hand on your right shin as you reach straight up with your left arm.

Look skyward, and hold this pose for 15 seconds. Return to starting position.

Repeat two more times on this side, and then complete the triangle pose for three times on the left side.

Yoga Exercise 3. Torso pose

exercises to flatten tummy torso yoga poseLie belly down, with your hands close to your chest and flat on the floor.

Now lift your upper body by pressing your hands into the floor and straightening your arms, while simultaneously pushing your shins and then tops of your feet into the floor.

Continue to breathe, and hold this pose for 40 seconds.

Yoga Exercise 4. Back stretch

exercises to flatten stomach back stretch yoga poseLie flat on your back; a mat or towel can help to cushion your spine.

Now bend both knees up to your chest; your thighs will be touching your stomach. Hug your knees with your arms, and lock your fingers.

Next, lift up your head so your nose will be touching your knees. Inhale and hold for up to thirty seconds, then release and slowly lower to the starting position.

You can also try this pose by using one leg at a time.

Yoga Exercise 5. Forward Bend

exercises to flatten stomach forward bend yoga poseSit with your legs together, and stretched out straight in front of you.

Now, as you point your toes, inhale, and stretch your fingertips towards your toes. Your body should feel long and extended.

Hold this pose for thirty seconds as you breathe normally, and then return to the starting position.

Repeat one more time.

Yoga Exercise 6. Bridge Bend

exercises to flatten stomach bridge bend yoga poseStart by lying on your back, with knees bent and feet hip-width apart. Your arms will rest at your side.

Now, using your abdominal muscles, lift your hips as high as possible off the floor. Keep your head, shoulders and arms on the floor, and keep your thighs parallel to each other.

Hold this bend for 15 seconds, and then return to starting position.

Repeat five times.

Yoga Exercise 7. Cat Pose

exercises to flatten stomach cat yoga poseStart on all fours, looking ahead, with your back like a table. As you exhale, arch your back upwards and tuck your chin to your chest.

Now inhale and bring your back downwards, moving the lower back as you simultaneously look toward the ceiling.

Repeat five times.

These exercises to flatten tummy flab will have you feeling more energetic and relaxed throughout your day!

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