8 Flat Stomach Foods to Stimulate Fat Burn

Few people realize that one of the best ways to start losing stomach fat without even going to the gym is by eating the right amounts of flat stomach foods to stimulate fat burn.

But what are fat burning foods anyway? These are simply the kinds of foods that are high in natural fat-burning substances that boost your metabolism, thus increasing the rate of fat burn not only in your mid-section but throughout your entire body. Let us take a look at 8 of these powerful flat stomach foods and how they can help you with your weight loss the natural way.

Flat Stomach Foods Almonds1. Almonds – Protein and fiber-filled, these delicious nuts are very healthy to eat. Almonds are also rich in vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant and magnesium which is necessary for our body’s energy synthesis, essential for building and maintaining muscular tissues, and regulation of sugar in the blood. Here’s an important fact for you to know: A stable blood sugar diminishes food cravings, and preventing overeating. What makes almonds a special and important food for getting a flat stomach is its ability to block calories. Research shows that the cell walls of these amazing nuts actually decrease the absorption of their fat, making them extra lean nuts1.

Best Flat Stomach Foods Eggs2. Eggs – Renowned to be the world’s best protein source, eggs are great sources of essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, while proteins are the building blocks of our body’s structure- from bones to muscle fibers, even up to brain chemicals.  Research by The Rochester Centre of Obesity in the United States showed that when you eat eggs for breakfast you feel less hungry throughout the day compared to eating a breakfast consisting of complex carbohydrates2. With this, you won’t go hunting for useless unhealthy foods throughout the day to fill you up that would just worsen your flabby belly problem.

Flat Stomach Foods Soy3. Soy – Soy is a time-tested fat burning and body rejuvenating food, and is one heck of a versatile food. It is very rich in antioxidants, fiber and protein. Did you know that liquid soy can be used as a substitute for almost any meal? Research carried out by the University of Illinois showed that overweight people who drink a soy meal lose more weight than those who do not3.

Best Flat Stomach Foods Apples4. Apples – Who would disagree that fruits are healthy foods? Apples among the fruits that are especially good for losing weight and making stomachs flat. A large apple contains 5 grams of fiber and is approximately 85% water. This makes you feel full and not wanting to eat more food. Studies show that women who consumed three apples or pears everyday for three months lose more weight compared to those who ate their regular diets4. But apples are not only for flat stomachs but also for fighting against certain cancers too, reducing cholesterol damage and promoting healthy lungs… plus it brushes your teeth.

Weight Loss Foods Berries5. Berries – Berries are very rich in fiber. Why is this important? Dieticians say that the more fiber you eat the fewer calories your body absorbs from all other foods you eat. A diet consisting of 25-35 grams of fiber everyday would trap a lot of useless food particles and carries them out for excretion before they are fully digested. Like other fruits, berries are rich in antioxidants that fight against cancers and maximize the results you get from your workouts as these chemicals improve blood flow, which consequently enables proper contraction of muscles during workouts.

Best Flat Stomach Foods Yogurt6. Yogurt – Yogurt is very rich in probiotic bacteria which keep the digestive intestinal track healthy. So how does this make stomach flat? Simple! The beneficial bacteria lower the incidence of gas, bloating and constipation; a stomach away from the disturbing excretion conditions is a flat and healthy stomach. Yogurt also causes weight loss around the midsection of the body too.

Weight Loss Foods Salmon7. Salmon – Seafood is rated as one of the excellent flat stomach foods. Fish like salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids make your body more efficient in metabolizing food and burning fat. Fish diets decrease food cravings dramatically and are good sources of proteins that encourage weight lose thru increased metabolism.

Flat Stomach Foods Veggie Soup8. Veggie Soup – Broth-based diets have been proven to contribute losing weight in a study conducted in Pennsylvania.  Subjects who consumed veggie soup two times a day proved to be more successful with losing significant amounts of weight. Soup veggies do not only cause approximately 16 pounds of weight loss a year, but also become a simple way to eat your vegetables which are very healthy foods.

These are just few among the long list of flat stomach foods that stimulate fat burn. So if you want to bathe in the ocean wearing bikini shorts and a hanging sleeveless-shirt for the first time, start eating these power foods now. This worked good for my clients and myself. I’m sure it will do you good too.

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