Fuel Your Fat Loss Program With Weight Loss Food

As you embark on your fat burning journey, you may make the mistake of making food your enemy.

In reality, the right foods are your best allies in the fight against fat.

Weight loss food is fuel that keeps the fire of your metabolism stoked high, transforming your body into a fat melting furnace.

Weight Loss Food Fiber Food

Fibre Rich Food

It is helpful to think of your metabolism like a fire. You want that fire to melt, nay incinerate, excess fat. In order to do that, you must keep the fire burning.

The fire of your metabolism works just like the fire in any furnace. If you toss a huge log on top of it, you run the risk of smothering the flame.

However, if you add small amounts of kindling, ever so steadily, you will notice that the fire of your metabolism burns consistently. This is why the practice of eating many small meals, or grazing, is so effective.

However, if you are used to eating just one or two big meals a day, you will need a way to feel satiated while still adhering to this critical principle. You will want to search for foods that offer the most bang for your caloric buck.

In other words, you want foods whose fat and carbohydrate content is low in proportion to the bulkiness of the food. This will leave you feeling full, without causing caloric overload.

The secret to accomplishing this magical balance is to opt for high fibre foods.

The most excellent options in this category are vegetable and fruits with lots of crunch. Make celery, carrots, broccoli and apples star players in your diet.

A Little Friendly Fat Goes A Long Way

Best Weight Loss Foods Healthy Fat FoodFriendly fats are nature’s surprise weight loss food. While fats and oils can carry a hefty caloric toll at 120 calories per tablespoon, healthy fats are actually essential to weight loss.

Fats found in healthy sources like nuts and avocados leave you feeling more satisfied at meal times, and provide for more long lasting satiety between meals.

In addition, essential fatty acids such as those found in flax seeds support a healthy nervous system, which adds up to improved energy, moods, and motivation.

For additional fat burning power, look for oils with medium chain triglycerides, such as those found in coconut oil. These very special fats are used slowly by the body, so that you have a constant flow of energy between meals.

Use healthy fats in very small amounts to give your other foods texture and to make them more filling.

Crunchy, Juicy Filling Fat Busters

Diets For Quick Weight Loss Colorful VegetablesJuicy foods fill your stomach, keep you hydrated, and help you to detoxify. Eating succulent fruits and veggies helps your body to flush out the by products of discarded fat cells as they are broken down by the liver and then excreted through the kidneys and urinary tract.

Without adequate water intake, this process cannot be completed, and fat loss will slow down. The good news is that in addition to drinking plenty of water, you can hydrate with the right foods.

Weight Loss Food More WaterAdditionally, eating from nature’s juice bar helps to flush out excess salts, and prevent bloating.

Citrus fruits and melons are ideal.

Incorporating a few of these powerful weight loss foods in your daily menu will supercharge your fat fighting efforts.

Who knew that weight loss could be so delicious?

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