10 Fast Weight Loss Tips To Improve Your Health And Boost Confidence

When the weather starts to turn nice, everyone is interested in fast weight loss tips to get the body ready for summer.

There are several proven, safe ways to increase weight loss, along with eating a healthy diet and exercising.

Tip #1: Eat Five To Six Small Meals A Day

Your body will burn fat when its metabolism is working at peak levels. One way to get a sluggish metabolism up to maximum burning rate is to eat five to six small meals each day.

Your body will use the food for fuel and work more efficiently. These meals should be no more than 400 calories each, and each meal should contain a protein.

Tip #2: Drink Green Tea

Fast Weight Loss Tips Drink Tea

Green tea that has not been overly processed will also act to boost your body’s metabolism and burn fat even when your body is a rest.

Try brewing some loose green tea, and add either natural honey or sugars, not the manufactured sugar substitutes.

Tip #3: Strength Training

Quick Weight Loss Tips Strength Training

Believe it or not strength training to tone and build muscles will aid in the body burning fat. This is because combining weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise results in an increase in metabolism, calories burnt and weight loss.

Tip #4: Interval Training

Three days a week your workout program should include interval training. This is when you increase your heart rate in intervals.

For example, walk at a brisk pace for 90 seconds, and then run at a quick pace for 30 seconds. Do eight repetitions of these intervals.

Interval training should only take about 20 minutes in total but will burn fat and get the heart in better condition than jogging at a steady pace for an hour. This is just one of the fast weight loss tips gaining popularity because it really works.

Tip #5: Chew Food Slowly

Slow down when eating. You will have the tendency to eat more food if it is eaten quickly.

Set a place at the table and slowly eat and enjoy each savoury bite. Put the fork down between mouthfuls. Concentrate on the taste of the food.

You will eat less because you will recognize the full-signal sooner.

Tip #6: Eliminate Junk Foods From Your Diet

This one is a no brainer! Cut out all junk food and unhealthy snacks. Only eat foods that are natural and organic.

Cook and prepare food each day, and eat plenty of green and dark coloured foods and vegetable. Eating healthy will nourish your body and cut down on cravings for sugars or salt.

Fast Weight Loss Tips Eat OatmealTip #7: Eat Oatmeal

This super food will help fight food cravings all morning. Plus it will provide you with lots of energy.

Try not to buy the pre-sweetened type of oatmeal. Get the natural, unflavoured brand, and sweeten it with in-season fruit.

Tip #8: Add Fibre to Meals

Fibre will not only clean your digestive tract, but it will also aid with metabolism to help with weight loss.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips Drink WaterTip #9: Drink Water

The body still needs to be refreshed and nourished with water during your dieting regime. Drink at least 64 ounces each day and more when the weather is warmer.

Water releases toxins from the body, plus it prevents fluid retention.

Tip #10: Stay Focused

It is easy to lose sight of your weight loss goal when friends and family invite you over for cook-outs and Friday Fun Nights.

Have fun, but do not give in to temptation. It is a great idea to take your own snacks to eat and explain to them why you aren’t indulging in the food on offer.  They will appreciate your honest and will not be offended.

I hope you enjoyed these fast weight loss tips and look forward to seeing you in summer-ready shape in no time.

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