"Flat Stomach Fitness - Top 10 Power Tools For Your Fitness Tool Box"

flat stomach fitness tool boxFlat stomach fitness is something many people work towards on a constant basis. Washboard flat abs are a dream come true for both men and women, but getting these abs can be harder than you ever imagined possible.

You must make a commitment to a flat stomach, not just want it. With hard work and dedication to getting a flat stomach, your dream can become a reality and abs you will love to flaunt will be yours!

These 10 tools are a necessity for anyone desiring to have a firm, flat stomach.

Tool 1.  A Healthy Diet

flat stomach fitness healthy dietTo achieve a flat stomach, a proper diet is a must. Eating raw fruits and vegetables, and plenty of them, is also a must.

In addition to adding these healthy choices to your diet, you must also eliminate those foods that cause fat. Fried foods, processed sugars, and red meat quickly cause weight gain that forms on the stomach area. There are no exceptions with the foods you eat!

Tool 2. Exercise

flat tummy fitness man runningOf course you can not expect to see results without proper exercise.

Crunches are one of the best for your stomach, and can help lose fat in the mid-section fast. Running, biking and martial arts are also great ways to lose the belly fat.

An exercise regimen consisting of 30 to 45 minutes of vigorous workout each day is an essential tool in achieving a flat stomach.

Tool 3. An Exercise Ball

flat stomach fitness exercise ballThis ball means business! With an exercise ball you can work your lower back and abs and help strengthen them.

An exercise ball can be an essential workout tool for anyone.




Tool 4. Water

flat tummy fitness man drinking waterThe importance of water can not be stressed enough.

This is especially true for those wishing to achieve a flat stomach. Drinking 3 to 4 liters of water each day can help do this. Water cleanses the body of harmful toxins that can actually make you gain and hold weight.


Tool 5. A Medicine Ball

flat belly fitness medicine ballMedicine balls have been used for weight loss for a very long time.

They are available in different weights so that you can find the one best suited for you. The use of a medicine ball has proven to work. Be sure to include one in your workout kit for flat stomach fitness!


Tool 6. Your Metabolism

The higher your metabolism rate, the quicker you will burn energy and fat,even when you are not participating in activity.

Tool 7. Smaller Meals

Instead of eating three large meals per day eat 6 to 8 small meals per day. This helps foods digest quicker, and can help you get that flat stomach you are working so hard to get! You should also limit your carbohydrate intake, and avoid eating meals after 8 p.m.

Tool 8. Pilates

flat belly fitness man woman doing pilatesPilates are one of the best ways to tone your body,and even celebrities swear by this method! Pilates work to increase the strength, flexibility and control of the body.

Pilates can be done at home or at the gym for added comfort.


Tool 9. Ab Machines

flat belly fitness woman using ab machineThere are several ab machines on the market that can help you work the stomach area.

These machines are available in all price ranges and can help target the area for a flatter stomach quickly.


Tool 10. Colon Cleanse

A colon cleanse can help you better digest foods, reduce bloating and gas, and more it is safe and effective,and should be included in your flat stomach fitness regimen.

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