"Find Out How Pilates Can Help You Flatten Tummy In A Week"

flatten tummy in a week pilatesIf you need to flatten tummy in a week, then Pilates, which are exercises focused on your core, including your abs and buttocks, are the way to do it.

Pilates uses a series of controlled exercises to train your body, and help flatten your tummy.

To get a flatter stomach and more defined abdominal muscles, you need to exercise your entire body in the most efficient manner possible.

Here are some Pilates exercises that will help you flatten your stomach for a lean physique:

Pilates Exercise 1. Single Leg Circles:

This is a great way to warm up at the start of your Pilates workout. Lay on your back on your exercise mat with both legs laying straight.

Pull in your abdominal muscles, and lift one leg straight up so that it is at a 90 degree angle from your hips, and point your toe. Rotate your leg up and down without letting it touch the ground.

Remember to breathe when your leg gets back to the top of the circle! Do this five times, then switch legs. This move requires your abdominal muscles to contract and flex which helps to flatten your stomach.

Pilates Exercise 2. The Toe Dip:

Still lying on your back, bend both legs at 90 degrees so that your thighs are straight up, while your calves are parallel to exercise mat.

Your hands should be at your sides, with your palms facing down, while your abs are contracted. Breath in, and lower your right leg from your hip to dip your toes toward the ground, for two counts (count “1,” “2”).

Without actually touching the ground with your toes, move your leg back to the starting position while counting to two.

Repeat with your left leg and continue to switch legs until you have done 12 toe dips with each leg. To flatten tummy in a week, Pilates makes use of slow and deliberate motions that strengthen your muscles.

Pilates Exercise 3. Leg Kicks:

Start by lying on your right side with your legs straight together, and your upper body supported by your right elbow and forearm.

This means that your torso, including your ribs, should not be on the mat, and the top of your head should be pointed toward the ceiling. Use your left arm for balance by resting it lightly on the floor in front of you.

Raise your left leg so that it is parallel to your hip while flexing your toes forward on that foot.

Breathe out as you kick your left leg forward as far as possible (while remaining comfortable) for two counts (“1,” “2” or, if you prefer, “kick, kick”) Then breathe in again, while still pointing your toes, and kick your leg backwards so that it is behind your right leg.

Repeat this six times before lowering your leg and switching sides. The control that this maneuver requires your abdominal muscles to exercise is a great way to flatten your stomach.

Pilates emphasizes control and flexibility, which are key for you to flatten tummy in a week.

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