5 Ways to Get A Flat Stomach Without Crunches

Do you want to get a flat stomach without crunches whether it’s because you have physical or psychological issues with doing crunches or sit-ups? Well, free yourself from all worries, as there are several ways to get a flat stomach without crunches.

Contrary to what most fitness “experts” say crunches or sit-ups are not the only way to achieve toned abs. Yes many people claim that they got their abs toned by doing crunches but this is not the only workout you should be doing to get your stomach to where you want it to be. Although crunches work the abdominal area and are very good at toning, they don’t really burn as much stomach fat as many think. Moreover, crunches can harm your spine. If you have spine injuries or have a history of problems with your spine, you shouldn’t even be doing any sit-up or crunch at all.

Understanding how our abdominal muscles work helps us to realize that even as we simply walk, run or jog and do other physical and cardiovascular activities, like bending and stretching, we actually exercise our abs muscles while burning stomach fat. So you see you don’t have to be hard on body and spine to get those firm and toned abs.

By regularly doing simple cardio work outs such as walking, running or jogging, you can exercise your stomach muscles and shape. But of course there are certain work outs and lifestyles changes that will help you build perfect abs and get a flat stomach faster. Below are just five of these that you can start doing today to get a flat stomach without crunches.

1. Eat A Proper Diet

Get A Flat Stomach Without Crunches Proper DietSo I’m starting with your diet! Surprise…Surprise! When exercising for a flat stomach, your diet is the first a most important factor!  You therefore need to watch what you eat. You cannot just eat anything at anytime and then exercise and expect to get a flat stomach. Nothing will never achieve your goals. You are hoping and dreaming for nothing! Since you are trying to get those abs muscles toned you need to eat properly.  Start by eating more protein-rich foods, whole grains and fruits. Instead of whole milks, drink skim milks because they are less in fats and have higher amounts of protein. Likewise, always drink several glasses of water before and after doing any work out routines as this will help detoxify your body while burning calories. If possible, bring with you a bottle of water during your workout sessions.

Of course, foods high in saturated fats like butter, fast food burgers and donuts, french fries and many others must not be taken during the course of your work out and should definitely be completely eliminated from your diet. Cakes, pastries and soda pops are high in artificial sugars which are easily converted to fats and should also be avoided.

2. Execute A Full Body Workout

Get A Flat Stomach Without Crunches Woman ExercisingA full body workout is better for getting a flat stomach than focused workout routines such as crunches or sit-ups. It burns more calories from all over your body, including your abs. Full body work out routines are also more strenuous thus making you feel better after every session.

3. Start Resistance Training

Get A Flat Stomach Without Situps Resistance TrainingResistance training is any workout that develops the muscles by working against an external force, such as weights, rubber band, tubing, bricks or water bottles. Even your own weight can become a resistance force. Doing resistance or weight exercises regularly will not only give you larger and firmer biceps and triceps, it will also strengthen and tone other muscles of your body. As you execute these exercises, more calories are burned in your abdominal area, which can result in a flatter stomach in a matter of weeks.

4. Try Out Aerobics or Dance Routines

I think everyone knows what Aerobics is, but do you know that it’s one of the most effective ways to get a flat stomach? Certainly, you won’t have it in just 2 or 3 sessions, but doing aerobic exercises just before you get started with you resistance training will help you burn more calories fast. Aerobics also enhances your metabolism, thus you will have more appetite for the right kind of foods.

5. Get A Good Trainer or Training Program

Get A Flat Stomach Without Situps Exercising with a TrainerIf you can’t focus on doing these simple work outs every day, the best thing that you can do to get a flat stomach without crunches is to enroll yourself in a training program with a very good trainer.  Ensure you let the trainer know that you are unable to do crunches and sit-ups. This way you will get all the help and guidance you need choosing the best exercises for you help you to reach your weight loss goals faster. Also, being in a group is much more fun. You get to meet new friends and bond with them while doing work outs. It’s even more encouraging to see that everyone else in the fitness room are sharing the same goals.  You are not alone!

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