"How To Get A Flat Stomach For Girls - The 4 Quadrants"

Understanding how to get a flat stomach for girls, is a question that is often in the back of our minds.

With an abundance of abdominal exercises boasted from the front of magazine covers, websites and within gymnasium settings, it can often be a confusing subject for girls seeking flat abs.

But while a plethora of gadgets and special diets can often taunt those seeking a sleek stomach, simple exercises reap astounding results, creating a flat stomach without the fads.

1. Medicine Ball Exercises

how to get a flat stomach for girls medicine ball exerciseA medicine ball is a simple, cost saving way to perform abdominal exercises, whether girls are looking to perform them at home or within a gym setting. For those just starting out, a light medicine ball is the best equipment to begin with.

One stomach slimming exercise with a medicine ball is the medicine ball leg raise.

While lying on one’s back, with legs outstretched and arms extended above the head, hold the medicine ball, crunching upwards and allowing the arms and legs to meet. Both arms and legs should remain straight.

Once the arms and legs meet, the medicine ball should be transferred to rest in between the ankle region and the limbs will return to the starting position with the medicine ball now grasped by the legs.

The exercise is performed again with the legs transferring the ball back to the hands. Fifteen repetitions should be completed, moving the medicine ball back and forth between the hands and feet.

2. Weight Training Exercises

how to get a flat stomach for girls weight training exerciseWhile weight training exercises may not focus exclusively on the ab region, lifting weights relies heavily on the core region, providing a slimming overall, toned appearance for those wondering how to get a flat stomach for girls.

Additionally, there are also certain methods of using the core muscles in a bigger way while completing weight training exercises.

Using equipment that forces the body to balance are great tools for whittling the stomach while strengthening other muscles simultaneously.

Balancing one leg, ankle draped over a stability ball while completing a lunge with the leg that is not resting on the stability ball not only works the glutes and other lower body muscles but also incorporates core muscles while the body balances one leg on the stability ball.

3. Floor Exercises

how to get a flat tummy for girls floor exerciseThe bicycle crunch is one of the most effective abdominal exercises and can be completed conveniently on almost any floor, whether at home or at the gym, With both legs lifted at a 90 degree angle, extend each leg oppositely while meeting the elbow with each opposite knee, as if riding a bicycle.

While the exercise is simple, you will feel a definite burn in the abdominal muscles as you work them with precise movements. I recommed completing at least 15 repetitions.

4. Cardio Exercises

how to get a flat stomach for girls cardio exerciseCardio exercise is imperative to the process of how to get a flat stomach for girls. While exercises specific to the abs are important, insuring that there is not a layer of fat hiding the developing ab muscles is an important role accepted by cardio exercise.

Running is a cardiovascular exercise that works the abs while burning the calories and fat that can inhibit obtaining a flat stomach.

Tightening the stomach and pulling the belly button into one’s center is a good way to strengthen the stomach while performing cardio exercises like running or walking.

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