"7 How To Lose Belly Fat Tips For The Business Professional"

Stress, long hours, and business dinners make it difficult for the business person to stay fit.

These 7 tips give business people ideas on how to lose belly fat and improve their health and well-being.

Tip 1. Eat breakfast.

how to lose belly fat breakfastWhile many business people are on the run from morning until night, it is important to start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Egg whites, high fiber cereal, or wheat toast with peanut butter are a few options.

Eating before work allows the person to concentrate on work and not on the donuts or cookies that a coworker brought in to share.

Tip 2. Exercise at lunch.

how to lose belly fat gymMost business people barely have time to eat lunch, but they need to make time to eat and exercise.

A 15 minute brisk walk speeds up the metabolism and clears the mind.

Do it daily to feel and see the results.

Tip 3. Pack a lunch as often as possible.

how to lose belly fat brown bag lunchAfter taking the brisk walk, grab a brown bag lunch out of the refrigerator instead of hitting a restaurant or cafe.

Brown bag lunches are more nutritious and lower in calories and fat. Try packing turkey on whole wheat.

Add a side salad with fat-free dressing for additional fiber to create that full feeling.

Save the calories and dollars for business lunches or other special occasions.

Tip 4. Avoid the vending machine by bringing snacks from home.

how to lose stomach fat fruits and vegetable snacksMost vending machines don’t sell fruits and vegetables so it’s best to bring them from home when the mid-afternoon hunger pains strike.

On days when the vending machine is the only option, choose carefully.

Nuts or raisins are good, but the bag usually contains more than one serving. Eat just one serving. Put aside the rest.

Tip 5. Drink water instead of coffee or soda.

how to lose stomach fat waterThere is not an easier how to lose belly fat tip than this one.

Substitute water for soft drinks and coffee to save significant calories.

If water is not appealing on its own, add lemon, lime, or cucumber to give it a zesty flavor.

Tip 6. Order healthy entrees at business dinners.

how to lose tummy fat healthy entreeInstead of loading up on carbohydrate-rich appetizers, entrees, and desserts at a business dinner, choose grilled fish or chicken and vegetables or a whole wheat pasta entree.

Choose entrees with sauces and marinades that are red. White sauces contain cream and butter.

Limit alcohol for additional calorie savings. Also, select the alcoholic beverage carefully. Light beer is a better option than a margarita.

Tip 7. Use the hotel fitness center on business trips.

how to lose stomach fat fitness centreMost hotels have fitness centers or in-room workout equipment available.

Before hitting the breakfast buffet, spend 15-30 minutes exercising.

What better way to ease stress and rev up the metabolism before work?

If all of these tips seem too difficult for a business professional, he or she should look for a friend at work to help.Everyone wants to know how to lose belly fat so it won’t be difficult to find a coworker to recruit. A partner makes it easier and more fun.

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