5 Effective Ab Crunches Exercises

In this article I have listed 5 effective ab crunches exercises to help you get on track to getting instant abs!  Most of these exercises are very easy to perform while a couple are slightly more advanced.  With time you will be able to before all 5 of these ab exercises with ease.

1. Standard ab crunches

Being the easiest of the ab crunches exercises to perform, the standard ab crunches is also the most common and most popular among the ab crunches exercises. It is performed by laying your back flat on the floor with your knees bent and feet firmly planted on the floor. Place your fingers beside your eyes or ears making your elbows point to the sides. Relax and allow a few seconds to adjust to this position. When you feel you are ready, crunch your abs (contract your abdominal muscles) to pull the rest of your upper body upwards towards the ceiling or sky until your shoulder blades are 5 inches off the floor. Slowly return to the lying position and pull your body up again taking only a 2 to 3 second rest between crunches.

2. Reverse ab crunches

This abs routine is among the most effective ab crunches exercises because it requires more effort and control on the abs muscles. It can be done by laying your back on the floor while your knees and hips are at an angle of 90 degrees. In this position, your legs and feet are hanging in the air. Cross one ankle over the other and place your hands by your side (palms down). Contract your abs to pull your knees and chest together then slowly release the tension and come back to the starting position. Without taking a break, repeat this crunching motion until you complete 10 to 12 reps.

3. Vertical ab crunches

Advancing to the more difficult ab crunch routines, the vertical ab crunch is a challenging yet cool ab exercise that needs no ab crunches equipment. The routine can be done by laying your back on the floor and then lifting your legs up into the air until they are perpendicular to the floor (your body forms and “L” position). Put your hands at the back of your head and contract your abs to pull your head towards your legs. Slowly lower your head back to the starting position and repeat the crunching motion without taking a rest until you complete your reps.

4. Exercise ball ab crunches

Moving further into our list of effective ab crunches exercises, the exercise ball ab crunch makes it to number 4. Obviously, you’ll need a stability ball or an exercise ball for this abs routine. First, sit on to exercise ball with both of your feet firmly planted on the floor. Roll the ball slowly towards your back until your thighs and torso are parallel to the floor. At this point, contract your abs to raise your torso to 45 degrees. Move your feet close together and make the exercise more stable to work out the oblique muscles. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the crunching motion until you complete your reps.

5. Weighted ab crunches

Making it to number 5, the weighted ab crunch is an advanced routine that works best for those who have already mastered the standard ab crunch. This routine can be done by lying in a supine position on a bench with your head hanging off the bench and your knees and hips bent. Hold the plate (weight) behind your neck and pull up your upper body as high as you can by crunching your abs. Return slowly to the starting position and repeat the crunching motion until you have completed your reps. Learn more about how to exercise for a flat stomach.

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