A List of Weight Loss Programs

We have put together this extensive list of weight loss programs as there are so many on the market and it often seems like there is a new program cropping up daily. As with many things in life, some of these programs work and help many people successfully lose weight, while others are nothing more than a fad, cashing in on people’s desire to lose weight and be accepted.

The following list provides you with a brief description of 23 programs for weight loss that are currently available in the US. Some of them are popular and are known around the world while there are others you may not have heard of. If you are looking to lose weight and get a flat stomach, browse through the list to see if there is a weight loss program that can help you achieve your fitness goals.


6 Week Body Makeover – Michael Thurmond Weight Loss Program

6 Week Body Makeover Weight Loss ProgramThe Michael Thurmond Weight Loss Program is designed to create a customized program or ‘body blue print’ that then determines your unique body type. This information is then used to design an individual meal plan and body sculpting workout to help you achieve your weight loss goals. This weight loss plan promotes healthy, sustainable weight loss without the gimmicks and includes a set of DVDs, books, and a recipe and restaurant guide.


A New Me Weight Loss Program

A New Me Weight Loss ProgramThis weight loss program uses a system called the Bouari protocol to specifically target the excess fat that is stored by the body. You are able to eat whatever you want for the first four days, and then follow a 500 calorie diet to promote weight and fat loss.


Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

Anne Collins Weight Loss ProgramThe Anne Collins Weight Loss Program has been designed for optimum weight control. The program offers the choice of 9 different meal plans including low GI, low calorie booster, and healthy low carbs. Included in your membership is free access to the online community and personal support to help you with your weight loss goal.



Duke Weight Loss Program

Duke Weight Loss ProgramOne of the most highly respected weight loss programs in the country, the Duke Diet and Fitness Center is a residential program that teaches patients about weight loss, physical conditioning and self-care. The core components of the program include nutrition, fitness, behavioral health, medical management and lifestyle coaching.


First Place Weight Loss Program

First Place Weight Loss ProgramThe First Place Weight Loss Program uses daily prayer and bible study to help you find your way back to health and wellness. Providing unconditional support, the First Place Weight Loss Program helps you to overcome temptation and shows you that the satisfaction of pleasing God will help you return to your correct weight.


HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG Weight Loss ProgramThe HCG program combines a low calorie diet of 500 calories with injections or oral supplements of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) to encourage weight loss. This combination is designed to metabolize fat and reset your hypothalamus. Based on the 1972 book ‘Pounds and Inches’ by Dr Simeon, the program features four phases: cleanse and replenish; release and contour; reset and normalize; and balance and stabilize.

Learn more about the HCG Weight Loss Program


Herbalife Weight Loss Program

Herbalife Weight Loss ProgramThe Herbalife program has been available for many years and utilizes the power of herbs to encourage weight loss, improve immune function and energy levels, and reduce your appetite. Herbalife’s products are designed to help you maximize your nutritional intake and they offer a personalized protein program and customized Shapeworks meal plan to assist with your weight loss. In addition, their core products include weight loss enhances, appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters, and energy boosters,  along with products to assist with heart health, digestive health, stress management, immune boosters, men’s health, women’s health, and children’s health.


Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

Ideal Protein Weight Loss ProgramThe Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed program that was developed in France 25 years ago. Designed specifically for the treatment of obesity, the program involves four phases of treatment which help to stabilize the pancreas and blood glucose levels while encouraging the body to burn fat.


Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

Jenny Craig Weight Loss ProgramThe Jenny Craig program is one of the most well-known programs for weight loss on this list of weight loss programs.  Jenny Craig offers a personalized eating plan based on your eating style, activity stage and weight loss mind set. Combining Jenny’s famous pre-packaged food with fresh fruit and vegetables, the program offers one-on-one support. With program options including In Center, At Home, For Men, Silver (for seniors), Type 2 (for diabetics) and Teens, there is a Jenny Craig Program for everyone.

Learn more about the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program


Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Plan

Jillian Michaels Weight Loss PlanFamous for being a Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels offers an online weight loss program. The comprehensive plan is based on your individual fitness level (to help you shed pounds, and strengthen and tone your body) and an individual calorie controlled meal plan to teach you the right foods to eat for weight loss.


Kaiser Permanente Weight Loss Program

Kaiser Permanente Medical Weight Management ProgramA medical weight management program designed to promote healthy change, the Kaiser Permanente program is available to those wishing to loss at least 40 pounds or more.  Based around the low calorie meal replacement OPTIFAST, the program offers weekly support and three treatment phases: Active weight loss; transition and early maintenance; and long term maintenance.


Kristie Alley Weight Loss Program – Organic Liaison

Kristie Alleys Organic LiaisonOrganic Liaison’s weight loss program is a healthy solution to easy weight loss and long term control. Meal plans are customized to suit your needs, tastes and calorie prescription. The program offers interactive online tools, support network and fun, challenging workouts.


LA Weight Loss Program

LA Weight Loss ProgramThe LA Weight Loss Program offers an easy to follow, flexible program designed to increase your metabolism through customized plans. Available online, the program offers three program options (LA Complete Success, LA Favorites and LA Rapid Results) depending on your needs.


Medifast Weight Loss Program

Medifast Weight Loss ProgramSuitable for both men and women and with a variety of plans available (including vegetarian, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, teens and seniors), the Medifast program encourages clients to eat 6 meals a day using the 5 and 1 plan – 5 Medifast meals and 1 healthy meal of your own. The program is available online, with a health coach, through a weight control center or through your medical professional.

Learn more about Medifast Weight Loss Program


Methodist Hospital Weight Loss Program

Methodist Hospital Weight Loss ProgramDesigned for patients with a BMI of over 30 the Methodist program offers medical nutrition therapy and a medical weight management program. Using weekly support groups, the program focuses on nutrition, exercise and behavior change.


PRISM Weight Loss Program

PRISM Weight Loss ProgramA Christian orientated program, PRISM helps you to transform your attitude towards food, eating and yourself so you can be restored to an emotionally whole person again.



Release Weight Loss Program

Release Weight Loss ProgramsThe Release programs provides safe nutritional supplement which, when combined with health eating and regular exercise, helps to release fat and encourage weight loss.


Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons Weight Loss ProgramA weight loss sensation, Richard Simmons has been helping people lose weight and get fit since the 1970’s. Known for his enthusiasm, Richard’s program (which encourages a balanced diet and regular exercise) can be used via DVD, his website or his center.



Slim For Life By Slimgenics

Slim For Life Weight Loss ProgramThis well balanced weight loss program helps people to adopt healthy new eating habits. The program uses easy to follow daily food group servings and specially designed snacks to decrease hunger, curb cravings and increase metabolism.


The Sensa Weight Loss System

Sensa Weight Loss SystemA revolutionary new system, Sensa focuses on the role of smell to control appetite. The program provides a six month supply of ‘tastants’, specially designed seasoning that is sprinkled on your food to help suppress your appetite, help you feel full sooner and help you lose weight.

Learn more about the Sensa Weight Loss System


Transitions Weight Loss Program

Transitions Weight Loss PlanThe Transitions program takes a total approach to weight loss through healthy, behavior changes and meal plans. Using low GI foods, and supplements to accelerate weight loss, the program also encourages behavior modification, stress reduction, and exercise.


Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Weight loss hypnosis has proven very successful for many people over the years. This program features a four CD program with seven short hypnotherapy sessions, each lasting 20 minutes. The sessions are listened to once a day to create positive and healthy changes to your behavior and weight.


Weight Watchers Weight Loss Program

Weight Watchers Weight Loss ProgramAnother program that is familiar to most people, Weight Watchers uses an integrated approach to lifestyle changes. The current Points Plus program assigns you a number of points you can eat each day. It is then up to you to choose the foods you would like to eat, based on their point’s value, so long as you don’t go over your daily allowance. If you do, you can earn extra points through exercise.

So there’s our list of weight loss programs.  I hope that one of them suits you the best and will help you achieve success with your weight loss. If you know other programs for weight loss that I are not listed here, please feel free to let us know!

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