The Diet Solution Program Review
A Weight Loss Diet Program by Isabel De Los Rios

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In this Diet Solution Program review we will take a close look at The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios.

The Diet Solution Progam has helped over 25,000 people lose 10 % of their excess fat in 30 days, if not less. Those who have taken up this program have claimed that they have lost up to 3 to 10 pounds in the first week.

The digital, downloadable weight loss program is based on the latest health and nutrition science and is not conventional like many other weight loss books.

Its effectiveness has been proven beyond doubt and will help you gain from its many benefits.


About the Author – Isabel De Los Rios

The Diet Solution Program Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist. She was once an overweight child and both her parents suffer from Type 2 diabetes. She was made to believe that even she would also have to face the same health problems as her parents since it ran in the family.

However, Isabel had other plans. She wanted to lead a healthy life and therefore spent most of her time reading nutrition and diet books to find a solution to the weight and health concerns affecting her own body. She even visited several doctors and nutritionists so that she could come up with a perfect solution.

Isabel De Los Rios is a graduate from the Rutgers University and has a degree in exercise physiology. She is also certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, which is the highest certification awarded by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She counsels people who suffer from diabetes, heart diseases, cancer patients and those who are overweight.

Apart from having written the ‘The Diet Solution’, she also owns the New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition based in New Jersey. Her approach to losing weight is innovative and effective at the same time. The program has been designed after many failed attempts to lose weight by following other weight loss plans and hence, claims to be successful.


What is The Diet Solution Program? – The Program in a Nutshell

The Diet Solution program is delivered to you as a digital, instantly downloadable 96 page ebook.  The ebook is broken down into 2 parts.


Part 1 of The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program Review Sample

In Part 1 of the diet manual Isabel explains why other diet programs have failed you, attributing this to temporary change of your eating but not of your eating habits as well as lack of focus on your overall health.

She then goes on to state that the Diet Solution Program is way to change your eating habits for life by developing a long-term eating strategy as opposed to temporarily modifying your diet.

By the end of this Part of the book you will have created your personal meal plan.

This part of the book is broken down into 5 sections:

  1. A Program For Success – In this section you learn how to develop the right mindset to achieve successful weight loss with the program
  2. Three Steps to Weight Loss – Isabel provides an overview of the 3 steps to achieving weight loss: determining your metabolism type, creating your personal meal plan and choosing the best foods.
  3. Metabolism Types – At this stage of the program you will use the included Metabolism Type Test to determine your metabolism type.  There are 3 metabolism types: Protein Type, Carb Type and Mixed Type.  Each of these metabolic types requires different amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and you therefore need to eat different types of foods. Isabel provides a list of “Must Dos” for each metabolic type to follow.
  4. Calories – Isabel believes that the world calories is widely misunderstood and presents the facts about calories. She also teaches you how to calculate your daily calorie requirements which become important when determining your daily meal plan in the next section.
  5. Daily Meal Planning – At this point of the program you will have determined your metabolic type as well as your daily calorie requirements.  Now you will determine your ideal protein-carbohydrate-fat ratios and your allowable food servings, identify your ideal foods and lastly plan your meals.

At this point of the diet program you have completed Part 1 and created your personal meal plan, which Isabel refers to in the book as the path to your personal weight-loss and health goals.


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Part 2 of The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program Review Sample 2

Now that you have your personal meal plan, in Part 2 of The Diet Solution Program Isabel De Los Rios focuses on teaching you how to choose the best foods possible that will best help you achieve the weight-loss and health goals that your meal plan represents.

This part of the diet book is broken down into 10 sections.  These sections are nicely laid out, focusing mainly on particular food items. Let’s take a look at each:

  1. Organic Food – The first thing Isabel does in Part 2 of the Diet Solution Program is explains the importance of choosing organic foods over conventional foods. She also points out that many people are concerned about the expense of eating organic foods but simply asks the readers the question – “Is your health worth the money?”.  She then teaches you how to “go organic on a budget”.
  2. Fats – The second type of foods Isabel discusses are fats. She explains that all fats are not equal and how the process of hydrogenation creates unhealthy trans-fatty acids (TFAs), which you must avoid.  She then provides a list of fats that are good for the body, known as essential fatty acids (EFAs). Isabel completes this section of the diet solution book by explain the truth about saturated fats and which fats to used for cooking
  3. Dairy – This is our favourite section of Part 2 of the Diet Solution Program as Isabel explains the changes in United States of America’s dairy supply and the possible implications of conventional dairy consumption. She goes into detail about conventional milk processing, providing many references to many strong sources.
  4. Soy – In this section Isabel takes an extensive look into the truth about the soy bean and soy products and explains why she recommends that you avoid soy products.
  5. Grains – The 5th category of foods Isabel discusses are the grains.  It is this section you will discover the importance of making appropriate carbohydrate choices for your metabolism type when trying to lose weight and maintain the ideal weight.  Isabel also points out that Americans consume far too much bread, the negative impacts it has on our health and tells you which type of bread you should be eating. Other topics touch on in this section include the importance of the glycemic index (GI) of the foods you eat, the impact of gluten intolerance on weight loss and the benefits of eliminating grains from your diet if you meet certain criteria.
  6. Salt – We all know that excess salt can lead to many health complications, most importantly high blood pressure.  However, in this section Isabel explains the importance sodium plays in maintaining good health and how you can get the necessary amount of sodium and chloride your body needs.
  7. Water – You may know that water plays a vital role for weight loss but do you know why?  In this section Isabel outlines 4 crucial reasons why “high-quality” water must be included in your weight loss plan.  She also provides a simple formula to determine how much water you should drink a every day to experience significant weight loss.
  8. Sweeteners – Sweeteners are included in everything we eat, whether or not it’s natural sugars or artificial sweeteners. Isabel discusses the negative impacts of sugar and artificial sweeteners.  She then provides a natural alternative that can be incorporated into your weight loss diet.
  9. Alcohol – The negative impact of alcohol on weight loss has always been an area of much debate and a very difficult pass-time for many to eliminate from your diet. Isabel provides an overview of the impact of alcohol on your weight loss goals and offers alternatives to your usual drink choices.
  10. Guides & Charts – In the 9th section of Part 2 of the Diet Solution program Isabel provides a large collection of easy-to-read and follow food guides & charts.  These guides and charts essentially summarize Isabel’s food recommendations allowing you to chose the ideal fats to cook with, make appropriate meal serving sizes, make appropriate food choices, make appropriate fat choices and determine the glycemic index of foods.
  11. FAQs – In the final section of this part of the Diet Solution program Isabel answers 59 of the most frequently asked questions by persons trying to lose weight.  These questions cover a wider range of topics including implementing the Diet Solution program, lifestyle, supplements and exercise.


The Additional Components of The Diet Solution Program

The diet plan of the diet solution is made up of the main guide and 7 additional guides:

1. The Diet Solution Program Manual [96 pages]

The Diet Solution Program Manual

This is where the bulk of the program is explained and laid out for you.  It makes you aware of the fact that each person has a different body type and based on your body type, you have to follow a diet plan that will meet your needs. This is assessed by:

  • Finding out the metabolic type of your body.
  • Then based on your metabolic type, creating an individual meal plan.
  • Finally, identifying the best tools to enhance your meal plan.

The guide is broken down into 2 parts which are outlined above.

2. Quick Start Guide [33 pages]

The Diet Solution Program Quick Start Guide

Isabel has condensed the entire Diet Solution program into this quick start guide.

If you don’t have the time to go through the entire weight loss program, this is the best way to get started on the plan faster.



3. The Metabolism Type Test [10 pages]

The Diet Solution Program Metabolism Type Test

The Diet Solution’s Metabolism Type Test, as the name states, is a simple test to determine whether you fit into the protein, carbohydrate or mixed metabolic type.

This book helps you determine and understand how your metabolism works.


4. Recipe Guide [69 pages]

The Diet Solution Program Review Recipes

In the recipes book Isabel provides 80 different recipes which are easy to prepare.

They are based on the metabolic type of your body so that it becomes easy for you to start making meals specific to your body.



5. 60 Days Of Done For You Meal Plans [69 pages]

The Diet Solution Program Review Meal Plans

Once you know you metabolic type and you have the easy to make recipes, The Diet Solution includes “Done For You Meal Plans” that make it easy for you to use these recipes to create a customized 6-week meal plan.

This guide basically tells you what to eat and when to eat.



6. Food Shopping Guide [12 pages]

The Diet Solution Program Food Shopping Guide

Now that you know what meals you are going to make, you will need to visit the grocery store to purchases all the ingredients you need to prepare your meals.

The food shopping guide is designed to help make this easy for you, and also includes a list of supplements that you can buy in order to accelerate your weight loss while following the Diet Solution program.


7. Success Journal [126 pages]

The Diet Solution Program Review Success Journal

Isabel provides you with a success journal. It is recommended you take advantage of this to track how you feel after you have eaten a certain type of food.

It is also another tool to test and keep track of the effectiveness of the diet solution program as you progress through it.


8. Top 10 Nutrition Facts Keeping You Fat [12 pages]

The Diet Solution Program Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes

In this final book, Isabel reveals the top 10 mistakes which people commit and caused them to fail to get the desired results whilst following a diet plan.




The Pros of The Diet Solution Program

  • The plan is based on scientific findings and therefore based on true health and nutrition facts not fad.  The diet book also describes the science involved in the diet plan for those who are interested in the whole picture and not just blindly following advice.
  • The entire weight loss program is based on how your body specifically reacts to the various foods you eat rather than suggesting that you follow the same diet as everyone else.
  • At just $47 USD and worth over $497 USD, this weight loss diet program is one of the most affordable.
  • The quick start guide is a great feature as many of us lead busy lives and want to see quick results.
  • You don’t have to give up your favourite foods (e.g chocolate).
  • The diet consists of 6 weeks of easy to prepare meals.
  • The recipes are based on different food types so as to meet your unique metabolic requirements. These recipes are also delicious and not boring.
  • It contains a list of the common mistakes dieters make while following a diet plan and will therefore allow you to be aware of these and help you prevent yourself from making these same mistakes.
  • It is designed to produce results for people with different metabolic types and will therefore help you lose weight even if you don’t live and eat foods in the United States.

The Cons of The Diet Solution Program

  • The Diet Solution weight loss plan is not based on counting calories in order to lose weight which many dietitians believe is essential for weight loss.
  • For some people, this diet plan may be a little ambitious as you need to follow strict meal plans designed for your metabolic type.
  • There are some recommendations for products and supplements throughout the manual that Isabel provides, usually with her own personal coupon code for a discount.  These may come across as more of advertisements to some.

The Diet Solution Program Guarantee

As with any product, whether it is a weight loss book or not, it is always great to know what money back guarantee is offer to you, if any.

With The Diet Solution Program, Isabel De Los Rios offers a 60-day IRON CLAD, No Questioned Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.


How To Order The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program Download

The Diet Solution Program is a fully downloadable weight loss program that you can online be ordered online through the Isabel’s Diet Solution Program website.  You therefore will be able to download the diet program immediately after you pay for it and won’t have to wait to receive anything in the mail.

The program retails at a one time price of $47 USD or you can try it out for $1. Payment and download of the program is provided through Clickbank, the leading online ebook payment processor, and is a 100% secure.  Once on the payment page you will be able to pay for the diet program by Credit Card or Paypal and will look like the image above.


The Diet Solution Program Review – Final Thoughts

Though there are many weight loss programs online which produce faster results, they do not guarantee healthy, permanent weight loss. As important as it is to lose weight quickly, it is even more important to maintain that ideal weight and eating habits to lead a healthy life.

Even though it takes a little bit of time and dedication, The Diet Solution by Isabel Del Los Rio is one of only and best weight loss ebook that is based on a nutritious, healthy way to lose weight and maintain that perfect weight. The concept of weight loss recipes based on the metabolic type of the body is unique and hard to beat.


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