HCG Weight Loss Program

HCG Weight Loss ProgramThe HCG weight loss program is a VCLD (very low calorie diet) created in the 1950’s by Dr Simeon to help people lose weight and get a flat stomach. Like most rapid weight loss diets, there are people who are against this program and those who believe it works, having been success with it themselves. As with all programs for weight loss, you should always do a little research to find out if it is safe and something that could be of benefit to you.


What is HCG Weight Loss?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a naturally occurring hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. The HCG weight loss program is a rapid results program that results in around 1-2 pounds of fat loss a day. By combining a VCLD with HCG supplements (either injections or oral drop) the body burns excess body fat as fuel. This combination allows the body to reset your metabolism (calorie burning ability) so that future fat stores are used as fuel rather than stored on the body.


The HCG Weight Loss Diet

The HCG weight loss diet is designed to encourage the body to burn excess body fat by suppressing your hunger and increasing your metabolism. In pregnant women, HCG helps to release excess fat from your fat cells to provide nutrients to the growing fetus.  By taking an HCG supplement and lowering your calorie intake, the weight loss program encourages your body to release the excess fat as fuel, resulting in rapid weight loss.

On its own, restricting your calorie intake to just 500 calories a day is dangerous and forces your body into starvation mode where it holds onto its fat stores for fuel. Hormone supplements play an important role in this program, by stopping the body from entering starvation mode. Instead of holding onto the excess fat, the body is able to use it as fuel.

It is recommended that you increase your fluid intake to avoid dehydration while on the HCG program, as dehydration can lead to excess food consumption. In addition to reducing your calories and drinking more water, you are encouraged to eat negative calorie foods (foods that require more calories to burn them off than you receive from them) such as carrots, garlic, celery, grapefruit, beets, asparagus, raspberries, onions, lemons, pineapples and mangos, and to include salads at each meal and increase your fiber intake.


How Much Will Following An HCG Weight Loss Program Cost?

HCG Weight Loss InjectionsAs the HCG hormone supplement has not been approved by the FDA purchasing the injections requires a doctor’s visit and a prescription. Given that Dr Simeon advised following the program for 40 injections when he first created it and injections can cost around $10 each, it adds up to a bit of money (at least $400). Another consideration is that if you don’t lose the amount of weight you wanted too during the program, you may need to follow it again, increasing the costs further.


HCG Weight Loss Drops vs HCG Weight Loss Injections

HCG Weight Loss DropsGenerally it is recommended that you use HCG injections on the HCG program as this was the method preferred by Dr Simeon. Both supplements are very similar and work in the same way. The decision to use HCG drops or injections while on the program is very much a personal decision.


The Controversy Around Using HCG For Weight Loss

Any weight loss program that encourages participants to survive on very few calories will be surrounded in controversy and for a very good reason. Very low calorie diets such as this require you to eat too few calories for your body’s basic needs. For most people, a calorie intake of 1200-1500 calories a day is needed just for organ function – that is for your heart, lungs, brain and other vital organs to continue to function properly. Eating a diet so low in calories puts your health in danger.

As with many weight loss programs of this kind, it is important to question how the weight loss occurs. Promoters of this program will tell you it is a result of the hormone supplements while those opposed to the program will argue that it is the 500 calories a day that is resulting in rapid weight loss.

Many medical and health professionals and agencies refuse to support a weight loss program such as this for a number of reasons:

1) It severely restricts your calorie intake to very dangerous levels

2) Consuming so few calories can aggravate other medical conditions

3) The program limits carbohydrates while encouraging high amounts of protein

4) It doesn’t encourage the type of behavior change that will lead to long term success

5) It encourages people to avoid exercise (regular exercise is very beneficial to good health, as well as aiding weight loss).


HCG Weight Loss Side Effects

All weight loss programs have potential side effects and health risks and the HCG program is no different. One of the primary health concerns many people have about a HCG program is the lack of calories and nutrients you will consume and the effect this can have on your health. Another concern is the use on injectable supplements to encourage weight loss within the body, especially as you will be administering this to yourself at home rather than receiving the injections from a medical professional.

Some people report that they experienced dizziness or headaches in the early days of the HCG programs and promoters of the program suggest increasing your fluid intake at the start to reduce the risk of this happening.

When it comes to choosing a weight loss program you are spoiled for choice. Some programs are safe and some are not. Many people believe that the HCG weight loss program is a safe and effective weight loss method and have successfully lost weight by following it. As with all weight loss programs, it is best to do some research to find out if it suits you and is something you can follow. Only you know what you can and can’t do and the best weight loss program is the program that you will stick to and have success with.

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