The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

The Jenny Craig weight loss program was created in Australia in 1983 by Jenny and her husband, and brought to the US in 1985. By 1987 the Jenny Craig weight loss program could be found in 114 countries across the world.

One of the largest and most well-known weight management programs in the world today, the Jenny Craig weight loss program has helped many people, celebrities included, to lose weight and achieve their health and fitness goals through a combination of a balanced diet, regular exercise and lifelong behavior change strategies.


How Does The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Work?

The Jenny Craig program works by educating clients about healthy eating, regular exercise and behavior change. Each program is personalized to suit your needs include your activity level, eating style and weight loss mindset.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Jenny CuisineA key part of the Jenny Craig program is the pre-packaged Jenny’s Cuisine. Jenny’s Cuisine is a nutritionally balanced, calories controlled, meal plan designed to encourage weight loss -while educating you about the concepts of a healthy well-balanced diet.

In addition to the pre-packaged meals, your Jenny Craig program encourages you to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Towards the end of your program and weight loss journey you will learn how to create your own healthy, nutritious meals to maintain your weight loss.

A special feature of the Jenny Craig program is the one-on-one consultant you receive at each visit. Your personal consultant is there to provide you with support, motivation, advice and education to help you make positive, long term changes to your health and lifestyle.

Your weight loss journey doesn’t end when you reach your goal. Maintaining your weight loss is very important and part of the Jenny Craig program is to teach you about the types of things you will need to do (such as eating well and exercising regularly) to keep your weight under control.


How much does the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program cost?

There is no set price when it comes to the Jenny Craig program. Jenny Craig offers a range of programs including: Jenny Craig In Center; Jenny Craig At Home; Jenny Craig For Men; Jenny Craig For Teens; Jenny Craig Type 2; and Jenny Craig Silver. The cost for each program and menu options varies and as a result, so does the total cost of your program.

Purchasing Jenny’s Cuisine is an important part of the Jenny Craig program and many clients find they spend the same amount on food while on the program as they did before. This main difference is that when you are on the Jenny Craig program you are purchasing nutritious, calories controlled meals and fresh fruit and vegetables rather than the types of foods you previously ate.


Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Consultants

One of the unique aspects of the Jenny Craig program is the individual one-on-one consultations that form part of your education towards your new, healthy lifestyle. When you start your Jenny Craig program your personal consultant will create an individual plan just for you. This program will be based on your activity levels, food preferences and eating style.

Each week in your consultation, you and your consultant will review your weekly results; discuss any problems or challenges you faced; focus on your successes; add to your activity level to continue to create an active lifestyle; and plan your menu and behavior change strategies for the following week.

The personal attention you receive from your Jenny Craig consultant (either in personal or over the phone) is an important step in your weight loss journey. Jenny Craig consultants receive regular training in the areas of nutrition, exercise and motivation so they can provide you with the most up-to-date information available.

In addition, many Jenny Craig consultant have been Jenny Craig clients in the past and know first-hand what you are going through and how their support and motivation can help you to achieve your goals.

Unlike many other weight loss programs, the Jenny Craig weight loss program has stood the test of time and helps thousands of people to lose weight and achieve their goals. Jenny Craig understands that losing weight is not about being told what to eat or when to exercise. Long term weight loss requires lifestyle changes and often clients need to re-learn how to eat and exercise correctly. Jenny Craig’s team of consultants understand the journey their clients take and provide practical and emotional support and motivation to help them make positive lifestyle changes so that weight loss can be maintained for life.

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