Sensa Weight Loss System

The Sensa weight loss system is one of the most unique of the many weight loss programs on the market.  It is a system created by neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch that targets your senses to enhance your weight loss abilities. Through the use of specially designed powders, Sensa weight loss works with your body to reduce your hunger and cravings.


What is the Sensa Weight Loss System?

What is The Sensa Weight Loss SystemThe Sensa Weight Loss System has been scientifically designed to target your body’s senses. The specially designed powders, known as ‘tastants’ help to reduce hunger and cravings by sending ‘I feel fullsignals to your brain.

The Sensa weight loss contains a supply of powders that you sprinkle over your food prior to eating. These powders then send signals via your olfactory nerves to tell you that you feel full and as a result, you eat less.

In addition to the tastants, the Sensa weight loss program also offers drinks, chews and vitamin supplements.


The Sensa 6-Month System

Sensa Weight Loss 6-Month SystemThe Sensa weight loss 6-month system is as the name suggests a six month supply of Sensa tastants. Each month’s supply is used in order and has been developed to continue to stimulate your body to lose weight.

Most people will lose the weight they want within the six month period but if you have more weight to lose, you simply order a new six month supply and start again.

Also, each six month supply of Sensa comes with two shakers for each month, meaning you can keep one at home and take one with you to the office or a restaurant.


How Does Sensa Work for Weight Loss?

Dr Hirsch Sensa Weight LossAs mentioned above, Dr. Alan Hirsch designed the Sensa system to work by targeting your senses to help curb your hunger and stop cravings.

There are no stimulants, diuretics, pills, drugs, food restrictions, calorie counting, weigh ins, fasting, pre-packaged foods or meal replacements with the Sensa weight loss system.

In fact you don’t have to change your lifestyle at all. With the Sensa system, all you have to do is sprinkle the tastants over your meal as you are about to eat and the specially designed powders will send additional signals to your brain to tell you that you feel full, much sooner than you would in the past.

This simple process allows you to eat less, while feeling full. You never have to feel hungry again and you can enjoy all your favorite foods.


How Do You Use Sensa?

The Sensa weight loss system is very easy to use and you have the choice of using just the tastants or you can combine the tastants with Quench (a refreshing drink) and/0r Chews to help curb your appetite between meals and stops any cravings.


Sensa Tastants

Sensa TastantsThe Sensa Tastants are the primary product in the Sensa range. Each month you select a new flavor/scent to sprinkle over your food.

Each tastant has been developed to encourage the body to feel full on much less food, allowing you to eat less without the hunger.

Sensa tastants are sprinkled over your solid or semi-solid food just as you are to eat it (in the same way you would sprinkle salt or pepper on your food) and can be used on everything including potato crisps, pretzels, fruit, lollies, and even restaurant meals.


Sensa Quench

Sensa QuenchSensa Quench is a specially formulated drink designed to increase your metabolism and your fat burning abilities. Drinking two packets of Quench a day can increase your weight loss results and are great for stopping those mid-morning and mid-afternoon cravings.

Sensa Quench is available in orange, pink grapefruit, berry and tropical breeze flavors and is a great addition to your Sensa system.


Sensa Chews

Sensa ChewsSensa Chews help to curb your appetite, especially in between meals.  Best eaten with 8oz of water, Chews help you to feel full until your next meal. If you prefer, you can use Chews with Quench or another sugar-free, water-based drink. Just like Quench, Chews can help to speed up your weight loss results.


What is in Sensa?

The primary ingredients in Sensa include maltodextrin (corn syrup made from USA grown corn), Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, natural and artificial flavors, soy and milk products.

Sensa weight loss products contain no sodium, sugar, calories, gluten, stimulants, drugs or MSG.

In addition, no meat sources, mushrooms, nutmeg, cinnamon, fish or garlic are used for flavors, although some may contain milk or soy derived ingredients.

And most importantly, Sensa weight loss products do not contain any ingredients that may be harmful to your health.


Side Effects of the Sensa Weight Loss System

The ingredients used in Sensa products are on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe list and are often consumed in your regular diet on a daily basis.

If you have any sensitivities, especially milk or soy, it would be wise to consult your doctor before using Sensa weight loss products.

Sensa Quench does contain caffeine and green tea to stimulate your metabolism and you should take this into consideration before purchasing Quench products.

Many people who use Sensa weight loss find they embrace new lifestyle changes, such giving up caffeine. This can result in two to four day of headaches until your body adjusts to a lack of caffeine in your system.

Because Sensa helps you to feel full on a smaller amount of food, you may also find you feel very uncomfortable when in a situation that may require eating larger quantities of food (e.g a wedding reception, business function). Try to eat more slowly, and stop when you start to feel full.


How Much Does the Sensa Weight Loss System Cost?

In comparison to many other weight loss programs, the Sensa weight loss program is affordable.

The 6-month system costs $289 USD, while the 1-month start kit is $59  USD and the 10-day kick start is $49.95 USD. Complete supplements cost $49.95 USD and Quench packs start at $29.95 USD for 20 while Chews cost $29.95 USD.


Where Can I Buy Sensa Weight Loss System?

The Sensa Weight Loss System can be purchased online from the Sensa website ( or from Amazon.

The Sensa Weight Loss System is a unique and specially designed program that is worth considering when it comes to selecting a weight loss aid. If you are someone who struggles with regular diets and stopping eating when feeling full, the Sensa program could be just what you need.

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