"7 Great Tips To Lose Belly Fat Fast While Commuting To Work Or In The Office"

When you want to lose belly fat fast, you do not want to wait to find the time to sign up for classes at the local gym or to find the time to wake up early to go jogging.

The time never seems to come, and you never lose the weight.

Incorporate these easy exercises to help you lose your belly fat while commuting to work, or while you are in the office:

TIP 1 – Walk Additional Blocks During Your Commute

lose belly fat fast walking to workFor city dwellers, or anyone who commutes to work in a city, try getting off the subway a few blocks sooner than you normally would, and walking the rest of the way to work.

Wear sneakers and put your work shoes in a bag so you are comfortable while you exercise.

TIP 2 – Stomach Lifts

lose belly fat fast stomach lifts in carDriving to work can seem like a sedentary activity, but it is possible to liven it up, while still driving safely.

Your stomach needs the most focus when exercising to lose belly fat fast, so do stomach lifts to flex your abdominal muscles.

Suck in your stomach, and hold it for ten seconds. Release for ten seconds, and then repeat. Do this until the light turns green.

TIP 3 –  Strategic Parking

lose belly fat fast strategic parkingWhen you get to the office, or the train station, park your car at the far end of the parking lot.

The extra steps that you take to and from your car may not feel like a lot, but they add up!

This is an easy way to incorporate a low impact exercise into your commute without losing a lot of time.

TIP 4 – Dips

lose tummy fat fast stomach dipsWhen you get to work, even if you have a job that puts you in a desk chair most of the day, you can still fit in some exercises.

Have your own office? When you need a break, close the door, and use one of your stationery guest chairs to do some dips.

Sit on the edge of the chair, and then slide forward until you are dipping yourself off of the chair, and then back up on it.

This will cause your stomach muscles to contract, and help melt away the belly fat.

TIP 5 – Twists

While seated at your desk twist your core all the way to the right, and then all the way to the left.

Repeat ten times, take a quick breath, and repeat.

This is a great exercise to help slim your stomach while on conference calls!

TIP 6 – Take Walking Breaks

lose tummy fat fast walking breakWhen lunch comes, take a walk around the office or outside of the office.

Walking is the best low impact exercise for your stomach, and will help you to lose stomach fat while toning your body all over.

TIP 7 – Leg Lifts

lose tummy fat fast leg liftsAnother easy exercise to help you lose belly fat fast involves your legs.

Sitting in your desk chair, plant your legs about twelve inches apart. Slowly extend one leg at a time until it is straight in front of you. Then, slowly, return it to its original position.

Your toes should be pointed up while doing this. Exhale as you lift each leg, and inhale as you lower it.

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