"The Top 5 Secrets To A Flat Stomach"

secrets to a flat stomach top secretMen and women both spend thousands, if not millions of dollars a year in their quest to get a flat stomach and sexier abs.

There are secrets to getting a flat stomach- ones that everyone should know. These are not secrets based on magic pills, magic exercise equipment, or magic clothing.

These are real secrets to a flat stomach that work. If everyone took the time to sit down and think about it, they would realize that they already know these secrets.

Top Secret #1

The first of the secrets to a flat stomach involves strength training.

Your stomach muscles are composed of your abs and your obliques. Your core also makes up your stomach. Your core involves the muscle workings of the abs, both upper and lower, your obliques, shoulder, glutes, and your thighs. If you do not train these muscles, you will not have a flat stomach.

The muscles that make up your stomach are covered by a thin layer of protective fat. In some cases, such as obesity, the fat layer is much thicker. You must use strength training to define those muscles so that they are rock-hard underneath the layer of fat.

If you have too much fat covering these muscles, then you must train and exercise so that you lose the fat and so that the muscles can define themselves under a thinner layer of fat.

Top Secret #2

The second secret is that you must use cardio exercises in addition to strength training.

Many people do cardio exercises daily and wonder why their stomach is not flat. This is generally because they are doing the wrong type of cardio exercise.

What is needed is intense bursts of cardio exercise of up to 45 minutes tops such as walking uphill on the treadmill. Cardio is used to raise the metabolism and burn fat. The harder and faster the cardio workout, the more efficient.

Top Secret #3

The next secret is that a healthy diet keeps the metabolism stable and strong.

This is one that too few people follow, that’s why it is a secret. There are many people out there who believe that they can eat anything they want, take a magic pill and stay slender. This is wrong.

You must follow a healthy balanced diet consisting of greens, lean proteins, and balanced carbs in order to fight fat and keep or gain a flat stomach.

Top Secret #4

Learn the proper way to exercise your core. Correct form is extremely important.

Too many people crunch away and wonder why the crunches are not working. That is because they are not doing their crunches correctly. Too often, they are using the neck and back muscles instead of the abdominal muscles.

If you need to consult a professional trainer in order to learn how to do proper crunches, then please do so.

Top Secret #5

The last secret is that gaining and keeping a flat stomach is real work. Stop throwing money away on gimmicks and use these secrets to a flat stomach everyone should know. By the time swimsuit season comes around, you’ll be glad you did.

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