The Top 7 Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

By implementing these seven weight loss secrets, you put yourself in a position to succeed on your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Secret #1: Think long term.

Weight Loss Secrets Think Long TermThe problem with “going on a diet” is it’s temporary. You diet for a certain amount of time—usually until you just can’t sustain it any more—and then you’re done.

Unfortunately, when you’re “done” and off your diet, you’re likely to put the weight right back on.

Instead, think of weight loss and improving your health in terms of long term lifestyle changes.

Think about what you can and should do to change your eating habits, and ideally your life, not for today and not for this month, but permanently.

Weight Loss Secret #2. Understand that it’s not going to be easy.

If something is presented to you as an effortless, painless means of losing weight, be very, very suspicious.

There’s no magic pill you can take that will achieve your weight loss goals for you. (Some diet pills may make a modest difference for some people in some circumstances, but in general diet pills are 90% hype and 10% results.)

There’s no diet that’ll take the weight off while you eat all your favourite foods and never get off the couch.

Losing weight is going to involve some challenges.

Weight Loss Secret #3. Keep your goals in mind.

Don’t just think vaguely in terms of losing weight.

Think about how your life will be better at a lower, healthier weight. Write down and/or regularly visualize the consequences of reaching your goals.

So when you order an item baked rather than deep fried, or you go light on the dressing, or you jog an extra half mile, don’t just do it because your diet calls for it.

Baked rather than deep fried means less chance of heart disease. Less dressing means a better sex life. Jogging the extra half mile means being a healthier role model for your children.

Weight Loss Secret #4. Keep track.

Weight Loss Secrets Revealed Keep TrackOne of the top weight loss secrets that may surprise you is that it’s generally helpful to keep good records. Weigh yourself regularly and keep a chart that shows the changes.

If your diet calls for cutting calories, estimate your calorie intake and keep track of that.

If there are certain foods you’re trying to cut down, keep track of how much of them you are eating and how that is changing over time.

Medical studies have shown that, all else being equal, people who are meticulous about keeping good records like this are more likely to lose weight and keep it off than people who aren’t.

It may be that knowing you’re going to weigh yourself in the morning and that it’ll be going into the permanent records you’re keeping on yourself makes it just a little easier not to overindulge.

Weight Loss Secret #5. Don’t treat all failure as equal.

Let’s say one of your lifestyle changes is to limit yourself to no more than 2,000 calories on any given day. But then one day, for whatever reason, you find that you’ve already consumed about 2,200 calories.

Should you then say, “I’ve blown it no matter what I do, so I might as well eat whatever I please the rest of the day”? Of course not. Missing your goal by 200 calories is not the same as missing it by 500, or 1,000, or 1,500.

Don’t let a minor slip-up cause a cascade of compounding errors.

Weight Loss Secret #6. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast.

Top Weight Loss Secrets Healthy MealYou’d think that if eating less means losing weight, then skipping meals should actually help you toward your weight loss goal.

But medical research has shown that, on average, people who don’t eat breakfast not only consume more calories the rest of the day than people who do, but in fact consume so many more that they overcome the “head start” of the people who ate breakfast, and so end up eating more in total.

Weight Loss Secret #7. Remember that what works for others may not work for you.

The thing about weight loss secrets is most of them only apply to most of the people in most circumstances most of the time.

You’re an individual though.

Maybe visualizing your goals, or keeping close records of your weight loss progress, or eating breakfast every day won’t have the same effect on you as it does on the average person.

Figure out what works for you!

Bonus Weight Loss Secret. Be flexible

Here is a final bonus weight loss secret from me to you : ).   Be flexible and do what experience shows works for you, even when that might mean deviating from one of these 7 weight loss secrets!

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