"Sexy Flat Stomach Tips Exposed"

Having a sexy flat stomach means more than just being able to see your feet without a mirror. Your core (that is, your stomach, back, pelvis, and butt) is essential to maintaining everything from your posture to your physical health.

Also, the stomach is always the first thing to get out of shape. If it is not flat, clothes lose their contour on you pretty quickly. Now you have to get a size bigger because of those flabby abs, and your entire image suffers.

Your stomach greatly affects your physical appearance, and can completely change how people treat you, both socially and professionally.

An out of shape stomach also adversely affects health as well. A good stomach is essential to maintaining the digestive tract. Without it, toxins and fluids get stuck in the body, causing everything from heartburn to cancer.

Not to mention the buzzkill it is to look down and see a beachball attached to your body — doesn’t do much as an inspiration to hit the gym.

You may think that having a great stomach is beyond you. You may have tried things with no results, but there is a lot of misinformation going around. You can do it; here is some good advice.

Tip #1. Do Your Cardio

Sexy Flat Stomach CardioMuscles do not make the stomach flat. Muscle tone is absolutely essential, and we will touch on that soon. But to get a flat tummy, you must most importantly get rid of the fat surrounding your muscular structure. How is this done? Cardio.

Everyone loses weight in different ways; there is no way to make your body take fat from your love handles if that’s not what your body works. Do not be discouraged whether your body takes fat from your stomach first or last, if you work off more calories than you intake, you will lose body fat, bottom line. Soon your body will be forced to take it from your core, leaving you with the sexy flat stomach of your dreams.

Tip #2.  Weight Training Is Important

Sexy Flat Stomach Weight TrainingMuscle tone. As before stated, it is absolutely essential to maintain muscle tone and increase strength in the stomach if you want to lose stomach fat. The reason: Muscle incinerates calories. The more muscle you have, the faster fat goes away.

Your workout should be high impact strength building exercises with weights followed immediately by low impact endurance exercises. For faster results after a break go for a run.

Tip #3. Make Sure You Rest

Sexy Flat Stomach RestMuscles fry calories, which eat fat, so the best thing to do is work out forever. Right? Wrong.

Muscles need rest to grow. The bigger muscles grow, the faster they eat fat. So rest one day after every two days of exercise.

Tip #4. Be Aware Of The Foods You Eat

Sexy Flat Belly DietIt does go without saying that your diet should not consist of junk foods. But you do not have to starve yourself. The trick is to count calories.

Simply output more than you take in. What healthy foods do for you is increase your energy so that your workouts are better. Better workouts mean a much faster path to a sexy flat stomach.

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