"How To Stay Motivated When Trying To Get A Flat Stomach"

The path you take while working to get a flat stomach may take a while. You may find it difficult to stay motivated while you continue to exercise and diet, especially since it will take a little while before you see your stomach begin to flatten.

Here are some top tips on how to stay motivated while you work toward a flat stomach:

to get a flat stomach journalTip 1. Track Your Progress

If you are also trying to lose a certain number of pounds in your quest to get a flat stomach, then weigh yourself each week and jot down your progress. It is best to start keping track of your progress in a good weight loss chart as soon as possible.

As you see the numbers on the scale decrease, you will remain motivated. When you are motivated by your goal, you will find it easier to continue on your diet and exercise plan to get there. If you are unconcerned with how much you weigh, you can still track your progress to stay motivated.

Purchase an inexpensive sewing measuring tape. These can be found at most super stores, like Wal-Mart or K-Mart, or in a specialty sewing store for a few dollars. Use it to measure your waist and hips once a week.

Give yourself an extra motivational boost by holding the measuring tape in the circumference of your original measurements and see how much extra space is there. Write down the measurements and watch yourself shrink!

to get a flat stomach rewardTip 2. Reward Yourself As You Go

You may have a special treat planned for yourself when you finally get a flat stomach, like a beach trip to enjoy your new bikini ready body or a new dress.

To get a flat stomach, you are working very hard, so it is important to reward yourself as you make progress so you remain motivated and are able to accomplish your goal.

Do not only reward yourself for losing inches or fitting into a new pair of pants. Reward yourself for sticking to your diet plan and finding the time to exercise.

Treat yourself to a small luxury that is unrelated to food, which can be detrimental to slimming your figure. Look for things that make you feel good about your body, like a manicure or massage.

Buying a new novel to enjoy reading, or buying yourself flowers are also great ways to remind yourself of your progress so far, and keep you motivated.

to get a flat stomach dress for successTip 3. Dress For Success

It is sometimes difficult to know when to buy new clothes while you are in the process of redefining your figure. To get a flat stomach you are likely to drop at least a size or two in pants, dresses, and maybe even shirts.

It is hard to stay motivated, though, while wearing your old clothes. Visit stores like Kohl’s or Old Navy that offer affordable basics.

Do not buy a whole new wardrobe at once, but make sure you have at least the essentials so you can feel good about your new body.

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