6 Best Weight Loss Apps For Your iPhone

There are a number of weight loss apps on the market today, each made with the purpose of helping you reach your goal of a flatter stomach.

Of course, not all flat stomach apps are created equally. Here are what I consider to be the 6 best weight loss apps for your iPhone, some of which may prove more helpful than others depending on your unique fitness needs.


Flat Stomach Workout by Dustin Maher Fitness

Dustin Maher Weight Loss App

This $1.99 app is a great choice for anyone that’s looking for a home workout.

Designed by the creator of MamaTone Fitness; fitness expert Dustin Maher, this iPhone app allows you to select a difficulty level of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3 and select a workout time from 5 to 20 minutes, creating a custom workout from a database of video exercises in the application.

Before the workout begins you have the chance to look over each exercise and add or delete any exercise you do or don’t want in your fitness program.

The workout includes high-quality videos of each exercise, allowing you to follow along and perform the exercise with correct form.

When the workout is finished you also have the option to save the program, make notes, or create a workout log to keep track of your progress.





How To Get A Flat Stomach by AppleBookShop.com

How To Get A Flat Stomach Iphone App

This weight loss app is actually a book that offers advice on weight loss, exercise and ways to start an effective fitness plan. Currently priced at $9.99, this is one of the more expensive flat stomach apps on this list.

However if you’re looking for in-depth advice on losing weight and keeping it off, this book is truly worth a read. It covers a range of helpful topics and comes highly rated.





Flat Belly Diet Meal Maker by Prevention

Flat Belly Meal Maker Prevention App

This mobile app is based on Prevention magazine’s Flat Belly Diet. This is their best-selling diet that is based on research linking mono-saturated fatty acids and heart health, prevention of chronic disease and most importantly for you…shedding belly fat.

This app will teach you how by eating four meals a day with ingredients proven to shed body fat, you can lose up to 15 pounds in 32 days. Providing you with over 100 meal ideas and recipes you can use this app to follow the diet to a T!





Portion Control by Prevention

Portion Control Weight Loss App

By now we all should know that the amount of food and calories you intake is crucial to your weight loss success. Another iPhone application by Prevention Magazine which is perfect for keeping track of this is Portion Control! This iPhone app is designed to train you to recognize proper portions of foods you eat every day.

Do you know the proper serving of broccoli? What about grilled chicken?  This flat stomach app is designed to get you thinking about the amount of food you eat each and every day. The app is designed in a pop quiz format allowing you to quiz yourself on the correct portion sizes of the most popular foods.





Lose The Belly by Pacific Sprint Media

Lose The Belly Flat Stomach App

The Lose The Belly app comes in two versions, male and female, provides advice for losing weight, as well as a large number of photos and videos that are designed to inspire you along your journey. The nice thing about this flat stomach app over the others listed here is that it is FREE, however it does require a WiFi Internet connection to view the weight loss videos and therefore hinders you ability to use it on the go.





Women’s Health Workouts by Women’s Health

Womens Health Workouts Iphone App

Targeted at the female weight loss audience The Women’s Health Workouts app by Women’s Health explores 120 individual exercises and 16 workout programs that are designed to flatten your belly and get you in the shape you want as quickly as possible.  A really nice feature of this app that I really like is that the workout photos are of very high-quality. The app also includes a training log for you to keep track of your progress, a rest timer to keep track of how much time you take between exercises and a built-in support function that lets you email a Women’s Health’s expert to get guidance.

This iPhone application is definitely worth a look if you’re a busy woman trying to get a flat stomach fast before an upcoming date, wedding or function.




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