25 Excellent And Effective Weight Loss Tips To Burn Fat And Get Ripped For Good

Do you want to lose weight, but don’t know which diet tips to follow? Weight loss tips on the Internet often claim that there is one trick that will cure your weight problems forever, whether it’s a “super food” or a different way to do crunches.

However, to lose weight effectively, a multi-faceted approach is the most effective and efficient—make small, gradual changes to a variety of behaviours, including exercise and diet, and the pounds will start melting off!

Here are 25 weight loss diet tips to help you on your journey to a flat stomach.

Tip #1. Seek Support From Your Family

It can be your immediate family or anyone else you are close to; the important thing is to know that you have support. With your family and friends believing in you, you will start believing in yourself!

Tip #2. Set Achievable Workout Goals.

Pick exercises or sports that you like; there’s no point in forcing yourself to run if you hate running and would rather dance.

Tip #3. Keep A Weight Loss And Diet Journal

Weight Loss Diet Tips Diet Journal

In order to lose weight, you have to be aware of what you’re putting in your mouth. A diet journal will help keep you mindful of your eating behaviour. You wouldn’t want to write “Ate family-sized bag of potato chips” down on paper now would you?

Tip #4. Find A Workout Buddy

Weight Loss Tip Workout Buddy

If you have someone waiting for you at the gym or the tennis court, you’ll be less likely to skip your workouts.  Find a workout buddy as soon as possible and results are almost guaranteed to occur.

Tip #5. Drink More Water

Weight Loss Tips Drink WaterNever under estimate the impact of water on weight loss—often when you think you’re hungry, you’re really just thirsty. Water will help keep you full and your digestive system running smoothly. Drinking water will also help reduce the amount of soda pop and unwanted sugar-filled drinks you intake. Water also has enormous health benefits beyond weight loss.

Tip #6. Eat Clean

Weight Loss Tip Eat CleanThe greatest obstacle to your weight loss is “white” foods.  These foods contain high amount of refined white sugar, white flour, and white rice. Out of all weight loss tips, this is one of the most important! If you can drastically cut down on white carbs and sugar, you’ll be surprised at not only your weight loss but also how your body feels.

Tip #7. Incorporate Interval Training Into Your Workouts

Weight Loss Diet Tips Do Interval TrainingMany personal trainers recommend this as the single most efficient exercise method in burning fat. Interval training can increase the amount of calories your burn during your workout by 9 times.

Tip #8. Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Workouts

The more strength you build, the more muscle you will build and the more calories you will burn.

Tip #9. Add Cardio To Your Workouts Like Jogging or Aerobics

Weight Loss Tips Aerobics

Cardiovascular exercise will help your body de-stress as well as burn unwanted calories. Some popular cardiovascular exercises include jogging and running on a treadmill, cycling or even aerobics. It is recommended that you add 30 to 45 minutes of cardio to your workout routine.

Tip #10. Be Sure To Warm Up Before You Train

Weight Loss Tips Warm Up Exercise

By doing 5 to 10 minutes of warm up exercises and stretches before your workout will give your metabolism a boost and enable your body to start burning calories sooner. In addition, you will be less likely to pull or strain a muscle and derail your weight loss goals entirely.

Tip #11. Be Sure To Stretch After You Train

Weight Loss Tips Stretching After Workout

Similar to your warm up you should always cool down your body after an intense workout. Working out puts your body and muscles under immense resistance and stress.  Doing a 15 minutes of stretches after your workout will greatly decrease the chance of soreness and keep your metabolism high longer.

Tip #12. Change Your Mentality

Weight Loss Tips MeditationYour mind is a powerful tool. If you can visualize yourself as thin, fit and healthy you will find losing weight much easier. Never under estimate the power of the your subconscious mind.  Thinking of yourself as fat only increases your “fat” gaining behaviours. Think positively and keep in touch with your fitness goals.

Tip #13. Make The Timing Of Your Workouts Realistic

Don’t vow to spend two hours on the treadmill every day at 6 AM; instead, make your weight loss goals as small as possible. If you decide to exercise for 10 minutes a day, you won’t feel overwhelmed, and once you get going, you’ll probably go much longer than you had initially planned!

Tip #14. Join Sports Clubs or Teams

Weight Loss Diet Tips Join Sports Clubs

Picking up a sport is not only a great way to lose weight but also a great way to socialize! Swimming, running, and soccer are all great choices. Try picking something that interests you and not something that everyone is telling you is an intense, weight loss sport.  If you don’t enjoy the sport you choose you will drop it faster than you picked it up!

Tip #15. Learn How To Breathe Correctly While Training.

Weight Loss Diet Tips Healthy Woman ExercisingIt’s important for oxygen to flow freely and naturally into and out of your body so that you can perform your workouts efficiently and effectively.  When doing cardiovascular exercise ensure to maintain a consistent and controlled breathing pattern.  While perform weight training exercise be sure to inhale during the negative phase of your exercises (i.e. lowering the weights) and exhale during the positive phase of your exercises (i.e. lifting the weights).

Tip #16. Children Are Not An Excuse, Include Them in Your Routine!

Weight Loss Diet Tips Children FightingThis is one of the most difficult weight loss tips for individuals to accept. Stop using your children as an excuse! Just because you have little ones you are not allowed to use them as the reason for your weight gain and lack of weight loss.  There are 1000s of other women and men out there with kids who are losing massive amounts of body fat every day through consistent and dedicated training.  It is all about putting into place a weight loss plan that includes both exercise and time for your children and family.

Tip #17. Learn About Your Food Allergies and Excess Hormone Intake.

Weight Loss Tips Know Your Food AllergiesYou might be allergic to dairy products and many other foods that you eat and not even know it! Worst of all these foods may be hindering your weight loss. When you remove an allergen from your diet, your body will be under less stress and burden and will be able to let go of excess weight quicker. Consult with your doctor on any possible food allergies or unstable hormone levels you may suffer from.

Tip #18. Know Your Body Type And The Importance of the Carb to Protein Ratio

Whether you’re an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph, there are specific ways of eating and exercising that can help your individual body.

Tip #19. Make Your Comfort Foods Healthy

Weight Loss Tips Healthy Snacks

Celery sticks with hummus or apple slices with almond butter are much healthier options than a donut or chocolate bar.  Choosing healthy snack foods is not only good for you but is a must if you are going to lose any weight.

Tip #20. Get a Canine Companion

Weight Loss Tip Workout With A Canine Friend

Studies show that dog owners are healthier and exercise more than people who do not own a dog. This is due to a boost in overall happiness and simply getting outside and exercising with your pet. So if you want to lose weight and don’t want to do it on your own then get a dog and start enjoying some runs in the park!

Tip #21. Turn House Cleaning Into A Workout Routine.

Weight Loss Tips Woman Dancing While Cleaning

Be creative with your house cleaning!  Instead of having a dull, boring and tedious time vacuuming and sweeping your home, try turning on your favourite sound track, putting on your gym shorts and top and dancing while you clean! Work up a sweat while doing your chores and start feeling that fat burn!

Tip #22. Use Dancing and Socializing As A Fun Way To Meet People And Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tip Dancing And SocializingWhen you are out at the nightclub or simply out at a social gathering with your hubby don’t stand next to the food table with your hand constantly in the dip! Go jump in a conversation and chat and laugh your butt off…..or maybe grab a partner and get on the dance floor!  If you’re having fun, you’ll be in a better state of mind and will start losing weight faster.

Tip #23. Take Breaks At The Office and Walk, Stretch, or Do Yoga

Weight Loss Diet Tips Businessmen Doing YogaSitting in a cubicle can not only be mind numbing but also detrimental to your health! Just 5-10 little breaks will lift your mood and keep your body active. If you have something to send to the printer send it to the printer 2 floors above this time instead of the one on your floor.  This way you’ll have to walk up 2 floors to get it and down 2 to return to your office.  Don’t take the elevator!  Some workplace even offer lunch time yoga classes once or twice a week.  Sign up!  It’s these little things that can really make a difference in your weight loss routine.

Tip #24. Train For Something!

Weight Loss Diet Tips Join MarathonIt could be an amateur marathon, novice bodybuilding, or anything else that motivates you.  Just pick a goal and work towards. There is nothing worse than going to the gym, running on a treadmill, lifting some weights and feeling like you are doing it for no other reason than to not feel fat.  There is more to weight loss than being skinny!! Maybe decide to lose the weight so that you can decrease the amount of time it takes you to run around the block, or maybe you have always wanted run your citys cancer-awareness marathon but never could because you are out of shape. Whatever you choose to lose the weight for just do it, get motivated and keep your eye on the finish line!

Tip #25. Forget The Elevator, Take The Stairs!

Weight Loss Tips Take The StairsQuit taking the elevator…the elevator is for lazy people!  Try taking the stairs instead.  If you live on the 20th floor of an apartment building or condominium start of by taking the elevator to the 18th floor and then taking the stairs from the 18th floor to the  20th.  The gradually increase the number of flights of stairs you take….next week get off at the 16th..then the 14th the following week.  Before you know it you will be take the stairs from the ground up to the 20th!

Even if you don’t follow each one of these weight loss tips, choose what works for you and stick to it! As you incorporate more and more changes into your daily life, you’ll become a slimmer, healthier, and more active person.

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