71 Weight Loss Tips Cheat Sheet

If you want to lose weight, you need easy and quick advice at your figure tips at all times. Here are 71 weight loss tips that you can print out and use as a cheat sheet and keep with you during your weight loss journey.

1. Find out how many calories you have eaten today

2. Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily

3. Don’t restrict yourself too much

4. Don’t skip meals

71 Weight Loss Tips Woman Eating Fresh Salad5. Be aware of portion sizes

6. Avoid sugary drinks like coca cola and soda pop

7. Exercise 3 to 4 times a week

8. Maintain a food log

9. Get to know food labels and food facts

10. Choose fresh, organic foods whenever possible

11. Eat more protein

12. Exercise with a friend

13. Focus on perfect form while exercising rather than repetitions

14. Combine upper and lower body exercises with cardio

15. Re-assess your weight loss goals regularly

16. Work with a personal trainer

17. Try new diet recipes to keep things fun and interesting

18. Add a new exercise to your workout routine each week

19. Get enough sleep

20. Drink plenty of water…8 glasses a day

21. Push yourself a little harder every workout

22. Eat complex carbs

23. Take the stairs, not the elevator

24. Make smaller weight loss goals rather than focusing on your ideal, dream weight

25. Park your car further away and walk to the mall

26. Eat foods that taste great, but are low in calories

27. With breakfast drink a glass of water instead of a large cup of coffee

28. Use a pedometer and aim for 1000 extra steps every day

29. Reduce your caloric intake by 10 percent

30. Eat 5-6 small meals a day rather than 3 large ones

31. Find an online weight loss partner to share your journey

32. Eat from blue plates. Blue is an appetite suppressant

33. Buy smaller plates

34. Measure your serving sizes

35. Eat a side salad before dinner.  You will eat a small portion

36. Put a mirror opposite you at the table as a reminder

37. Add vegetables to fill your plate, and fill you

38. Keep a vegetable platter on the table

39. Try non-fat milk

40. Stay away from white foods

41. Eat slowly

42. Cut your food up into small pieces

43. Eat only if your stomach growls

44. Avoid corn syrup

45. Find a hobby instead of snacking

46. Be more positive

47. Use spices and seasoning

48. Go up and down stairs an hour after dinner

49. Clean your house more

50. Order smaller portions at restaurants

51. Play with your kids or canine companion

52. Get outdoors

53. Snack on almonds

54. Watch less TV

55. Don’t’ eat before bed

56. Smell peppermint when you’re hungry

57. Eat at home

58. Eat low fat yogurt

59. Get dressing on the side

60. Brush your teeth after eating

61. Skip condiments

62. Take before and after photos

63. Join a support group

64. Workout to music

65. Share your goals with others to keep honest

66. Use weight loss iPhone apps

67. Get your vitamins

68. Eat more fibre

69. Avoid sugar substitutes

70. Get a digital scale

71. Embrace a healthy lifestyle!

If you use these 71 weight loss tips your goal weight will be easier to attain and you will be wearing those skinny jeans in no time.

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