A List of Online Weight Loss Support Websites to Help You Lose Weight

If you feel like you’ve been beating your head against a wall in an attempt to lose weight and keep it off, the simple solution may be that you just need online weight loss support.

When you have someone in your corner cheering you on and giving you advice, it makes it much easier to stick to your diet and lose weight. But what if you don’t have any friends or family members interested in working out and losing weight with you?

Fortunately, there are a number of top online weight loss support groups that you can join to get the encouragement you need to meet your weight loss goals.


Weight Loss Buddy

Online Weight Loss Support Weight Loss BuddyWeight Loss Buddy is an online weight loss support website and social network all rolled into one.

You can join for free to find a weight loss support buddy, you can start your own personal blog to share your progress with new friends, and you can also track your results using the Daily Weight Tracker feature.

Weight Loss Buddy takes online weight loss help and support to a whole new level by allowing you to 3-D chat with new friends online. You can have valuable face time with other users in the same boat who are trying to lose weight and keep it off for good.

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Extra Pounds

Online Weight Loss Support Extra PoundsExtra Pounds is a weight loss support website with 56,700 members and counting. The official website boasts over 280,000 pounds in total weight loss from all group members. Pretty impressive!

The website is free to join and will provide you with a wealth of tools to simplify your weight loss immensely.

These tools include an exercise log, a body log, a food diary, a weight log, weight trackers, and various support groups that you can join to get the encouragement and motivation you need to lose excess weight.

This website also offers a special feature to help you locate diet buddies near you to meet friends in your area who are interested in exercising and losing weight.

Visit Extra Pounds


Spark People

Online Weight Loss Support Spark PeopleSpark People is one of the most popular online weight loss support websites thanks to their more than 11 million members.

The website was also named the “Best Health Website” by Business Week. So what makes Spark People unique?

Spark People offers personalized fitness plans and assorted weight loss tools like a calorie counter, workout tracker, and exercise videos.

You can join the website for free to connect with other users facing the same struggles and challenges in losing weight. Spark People users can create their own blogs to get feedback from friends in the community.

The website also uses a motivation system that allows you to earn points and awards you for staying on track with your weight loss efforts.

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Buddy Slim

Online Weight Loss Support Buddy SlimBuddy Slim is an online weight loss support website where users have collectively lost over 1 million pounds.

The website allows you to browse through buddies of all ages based on gender, age, and how many pounds a user has to lose.

For example, if you need to lose a significant amount of weight, like 50 pounds, you can find another user in your age group with the same weight loss goals for support and encouragement. You can also specifically search for diet, fitness, activity, or support buddies.

The website is free to join and will allow you to track food and exercise, find nutritious recipes, and start your own journal to share with other users.

Buddy Slim also posts blogs written by other users so that you can learn from the struggles and success stories of your peers.

Visit Buddy Slim


Peer Trainer

Online Weight Loss Support Peer TrainerPeer Trainer is an online weight loss and fitness support website that offers free daily weight loss motivational tips, daily logs for workouts and meals, a calorie counter, and small support groups to keep you accountable in your weight loss efforts.

Peer Trainer encourages daily logging to keep track of your weight loss results. Logging is something that should be done each day to help you break down a larger weight loss goal into small achievable milestones.

On top of that, you will be connected with weight loss groups and teams for online weight loss support, which the website emphasizes is the key to your success in losing weight.

You can find people that have similar backgrounds and interests and are located in your area to support you as you diet and exercise.

Peer Trainer encourages you to start slowly with small goals and maintain continuous support through the website so that you can lose weight and keep it off for good.

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