12 Safe Weight Loss Tips To Loss Fat Without Harming Your Body

Weight loss can improve your health in a number of important ways, but it’s vital that you follow safe weight loss tips so that you don’t undo any of the health benefits you’ve gained.

Since diet and exercise are both important to weight loss, you’ll need to be concerned with safety in both areas.

These twelve suggestions will help you accomplish that.

Tip #1. Have A Spotter

Safe Weight Loss Diet Tips Get A Personal TrainerIf you’re going to be undertaking any kind of vigorous weight training, never work without a spotter. As we try to stay motivated and push ourselves, many of us underestimate how heavy the weights we are lifting truly are.  It is therefore not uncommon to seeing an unassisted lifter in trouble during a set of bench presses. This is an important step in preventing exercise injuries.


Tip #2. Consult A Physician

The first step in any weight loss program should be to check with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any underlying conditions that need to be addressed first. So of us suffer from heart conditions that we are not even aware of. Make sure to get the green light from your physician before undertaking any fitness program.

Tip #3. Introduction To Exercise with A Personal Trainer

As a newcomer to exercise, you will benefit greatly from the help of a personal trainer. He or she can make an assessment of where you are now and give you steps on how to move forward towards your weight loss goals.  Take your time and choose a trainer that is not only affordable for you but also meshes well with your personality. Remember your trainer should feel like a tough workout friend not a drill sergeant.

Tip #4. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Make sure your clothing matches the exercise you’re doing and the climate you’re doing it in. Layers will be important if you’re exercising outdoors.  If you are running indoors on a treadmill remember that treadmills have moving parts that baggy, loose clothes can get catch in.

And never overlook appropriate footwear when choosing the right attire. Running in cheap, uncomfortable shoes can have a detrimental effect on your muscles and joints.

Tip #5. Sufficient Sleep

Safe Weight Loss Tips Get Enough SleepBe sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep each and every night. Your body needs time to rest and repair, especially after vigorous exercise, and the best time is during sleep.  Your metabolism is also affected negatively when you try to workout on limited sleep. This reduces the efficiency of your training sessions and slows your progress down.

Tip #6. A Well Balanced Diet

A good diet is important, and never more so than when you’re trying to lose weight. Saturated fats, sugars and cholesterol are only 3 of the multitude of damaging ingredients in unhealthy fast foods.  These foods will not only hinder your weight loss but also lead to heart disease, diabetes and a wide range of health issues.

Tip #7. Stay Hydrated

Weight Loss Diet Tips Stay HydratedNo safe weight loss tips list would be complete without a reminder to drink lots of water. Every bodily function requires adequate water to function efficiently. Water also helps your metabolism making it especially important when exercising to lose weight and burn calories.  Remember that during your workouts a lot of the water from your body is lose through perspiration and needs to be replaced.

Tip #8. Take Rest Days

You’re exercise program will benefit when you take occasional days off to rest. How many and how often should be determined by the type of exercise you’re doing. If you are perform high intensity interval training, your body will not be able to withstand 3 weeks of consecutive workout days. Listen to your joints and muscles and don’t push ahead when they’re telling you to slow down.  If you don’t give your body the time it needs to recoop and recover you will be more prone to injuries.

Consult with a personal trainer if you’re in doubt about how often to take rest days.

Tip #9. Research – Food Allergies, Exercises For Your Fitness Level, etc

Doing your own research on diet and exercise will increase your level of knowledge and help keep you motivated as well. Another benefit is that you can investigate things that are specific to your own particular physical and nutritional needs. This safeguards you from any dangerous, unhealthy & expensive fad diets that you will come across or, more likely, will be shoved in your face by evil, greedy people.

Tip #10. Know Your Fitness Level And Body Type

Not everyone is created equal when it comes to physical activity. Take into account your age, level of fitness, and any medical conditions you may have. Don’t hesitate to call on experts like physicians and personal trainers to help you with this task.  If you are 65 years old and suffer from arthritis, you will only be putting yourself in danger if you try to workout and lose weight like a 27 year old.

Tip #11. Have A Game Plan

You’d be surprised at how many people who sustain fitness injuries had no routine or workout schedule.  They would just go in to the gym and perform a random set of exercises.  This is a recipe for injury!

Your weight loss efforts will benefit greatly when you have a definite plan of action. Make sure you know which body parts you workout the previous session so you know which ones to workout this session and which ones to rest.

Even if you need to change course midway, it’s better to have a weight loss plan to depart from than if you had no plan in the first place.

Tip #12. Warm Up Exercises Before Workouts and Stretches After

The final item on the list of safe weight loss tips is to always include warm up exercises, and research is indicating that it’s just as important to cool down with stretches afterwards as well. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but stretching will help prevent injuries from occurring during your workout as well as on your off days.

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