10 Teen Weight Loss Tips To Motivate Your Kids To Lose Weight

If you have a child who needs to lose weight, there are a number of teen weight loss tips that can help them do so.

Parents want their kids to lose weight for various reasons. Some teens are severely overweight and need to slim down for health reasons, and other children lose weight to make themselves look more attractive and prevent bullying at school.

If you have a teenager who needs to drop weight, here are some suggestions to help motivate them.

Tip #1. Watching Television Shows Like “The Biggest Loser” With Your Kids

Reality weight loss show, such as The Biggest Loser, will prove to them that weight loss is not impossible. This phenomenal show features real-life people who struggle with excess weight and threw sheer determination succeed to get rid of this fat.  Seeing this will motivate your child to do the same.

Tip #2. Help Your Teenager Start A Food Diary.

Teen Weight Loss Tips Diet JournalMaking them write down everything that they eat will allow them to see how many calories they are consuming. Once educated about how caloric intake attributes to weight gain, this too will encourage them to keep their calorie intake down to a healthy amount.

Tip #3 New Clothes Are A Good Motivation To Lose Weight.

This tip main sound a bit harsh and it bribery but try buying your child a nice outfit in a size they would like to wear but can’t due to their weight.

Hang it up in their room where they can see it, making it a daily reminder of what they’ll be able to wear when they reach their target weight.

Tip #4 Write A List Of Reasons Why They Want To Lose Weight

Something that many parents do not do is sit down with their kid and have them make a list of reasons why they want to lose weight. By doing this you will get your child to look deep inside themselves to identify reasons why they want to lose weight.

This is also a great way for you as a parent to identify emotional issues and difficulties in your child’s life that may be contributing to their weight gain.  Bullying is a very common reason for depression in children that leads to immense weight gain and parents are often unaware of this.

Once this list has been written it should be taped you child’s bedroom wall or some where they will see it each and every day. This will serve as a reminder and mental reinforcement to help keep them focused on their weight loss goal.

Tip #5 Take Your Child To A Physician or Nutritionist

There is no denying that teen weight loss is a tough process.  However many parents want to tackle their teen’s weight gain issues on their own.  They often refuse to seek the help of the many professionals out there to assist them during this time.

One of the simplest things you can do is take your child to a physician or nutritionist. A visit to one of these health professionals can help your son or daughter understand the importance of having a healthy body. It is also great for you child to hear this from an authority figure other than you, their parent, as many children are reluctant to listen to or take their parents’ advice.

A physician or nutritionist can also suggest some other great teen weight loss tips that may not be covered here, as well as a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Tip #6 Exercise Together

Weight Loss Tips For Teens Exercise TogetherThis teen weight loss tip is a no brainer!  Most teens see their parents as role models and strive to do the same as their parents. This doesn’t mean that you must play the “exercise instructor” role and have your children take part in workout routines with you as the instructor.  You simply need to spend time together with your child shooting basketball, going for long walks around the neighbourhood, hiking at the park, swimming or any other exercise routine.  By making this a habit your child will fall in love with these fun together workout activities.

Be sure to choose physical activities that are fun.  This makes burning calories fun to your kids and becomes more and more crucial the older your teen gets. The older they get the more distractions they have to deter them from working out, but they will continue to want to if they view the workouts with mum/dad as fun! You could also have some fun challenges incorporated into the workouts to motivate each other to work harder, creating a bit of competition.

Tip #7: Encourage Your Child To Participate in School Sports

Teen Weight Loss Involve in School SportsIt is very important to ensure your child is getting as much physical activity in their daily lives as possible.  But as you know kids spend most of their time at school!  Getting your overweigh child involved in schools sports, such as soccer and baseball, is therefore a great way to help boost their metabolism throughout the day and continue to promote fat burn. This is a fun, easy way for them to burn calories, get regular exercise, and socialize with teammates.

Tip #8: Stage An Intervention

This is one of the teen weight loss tips that you must be very cautious when using and should be used as a last resort.  You must weigh the pros and cons of putting your child on the spot by when staging a weight loss intervention.  If your teen is someone who is extremely overweight and has a very stubborn personality then staging an intervention maybe your best solution to their weight problem.

The best approach is to get together with a group of your teenager’s friends and family and talk to your child about how important it is for them to lose the weight while ensuring they realize how much you all love them.

Remind them that everyone wants to see them succeed.

Tip #9: Read Success Stories Together

There are numerous blogs on the internet that chronicle a person’s weight loss from start to finish. Read some of these stories with your child to encourage them to make healthy life choices.

Tip #10: Encourage Your Child to Join a Weight Loss Support Group.

There are a number of teen weight loss support groups that you can join you’re your kid to motivate and encourage them to reach their goals. A great thing about the support groups is that children get to see and interact with other kids who suffer from the same problem.  This way your child does not feel alone. Be sure to find a support group that offers teen weight loss tips as part of their focus.

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